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The mission of the Counseling Center is to provide services that facilitate the personal and professional growth and development of students, while fostering a healthy and caring University community. We strive to support the academic, social, and emotional health of students and meet the needs of the healthcare community. Midwestern University understands that many students have personal concerns that affect their academic and personal lives. Counseling is designed to provide support and insight regarding issues, concerns, and mental health needs of all students of Midwestern University.

Services provided

Counselors are available to help students at Midwestern University effectively deal with many issues through individual and group counseling. Possible areas of distress may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Transitioning to Midwestern University
  • Relationship issues
  • Family concerns

Costs to the student

Counseling is provided free of charge to all enrolled students of Midwestern University. Counseling services are subsidized through student activity fees. Based on an assessment by the counselor, it may be necessary to utilize alternative resources for specialized interventions. In that case referrals will be made to a community provider.

Community Referrals

Referrals can be made to an appropriate specialist outside of Midwestern University at the request of the student who prefers an outside provider. These referrals may or may not be covered under the student’s health plan. Under these circumstances the student is required to meet expenses not covered under his/her health plan. Referrals may also be made at the discretion of the Midwestern counselor if the student requires specialized treatment, multiple sessions per week, or late evening or weekend hours. If a student’s spouse or dependents are in need of mental health services, assistance in finding referrals is also available through the counseling center.


What To Do in a Crisis

If you are in danger or thinking of hurting yourself or someone else, Midwestern University counselors are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours to meet with students experiencing a crisis.  Please walk to the Student Counseling and Academic Support Center office suite located in Redwood Hall, Suite 102, and tell any staff member you are in crisis. 

If you need immediate assistance or if you are not on campus, call 911 or take yourself to the nearest emergency room. From Midwestern University, Good Samaritan Hospital is 5 to 7 minutes away, located at:

Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
3815 N. Highland Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515

After-Hours Emergency

If you are in danger or thinking of hurting yourself or someone else after-hours, university holidays, weekends, or times when the Counseling Center is closed:

Call 911 for immediate emergency service
If you live on campus, please notify Campus Safety and Security (630-515-7111) you called 911 and provide your location so they can direct the emergency medical team to you

Take yourself to the nearest emergency room
If you live on or near campus the nearest hospital emergency room is:

Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
3815 N. Highland Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Call one of the crisis hotline numbers:
DuPage County Health Department Crisis Intervention Unit
National Suicide Prevention

Text HOME to 741741
This free, 24/7 crisis support service connects individuals to a trained crisis volunteer.  See for more information

Counseling session

Make an Appointment

Counseling services are FREE to all students currently enrolled at Midwestern University. All appointments are initiated by contacting the Counseling Services:

IL Campus: Carrie Torgerson, PhD, LCSW;  630-515-7142 or  Please fill out and email the form below to Dr. Torgerson when requesting counseling services.

Initiating Counseling Services 

AZ Campus: Dr. Judith DeLorme-Loftus, DMin, MSW, LCSW, ACSW; (623)572-3629  or

Consent to Treat Form
Primary Care Notification Form
Faculty and Staff Release Form

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