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Through a comprehensive course of study in Gross Anatomy, Histology, and Neuroscience, the Department of Anatomy provides instruction in the morphology of the human body. The study of anatomy is particularly germane to osteopathic medicine because the relationship between structure and function is a fundamental tenet of the osteopathic philosophy. Direct observation of human structure is the essence of the anatomy courses. In Gross Anatomy, all students participate in the dissection of the cadaver under the guidance of the anatomy faculty. Dissection is supplemented by the study of models, osteologic specimens, radiographs, and transverse sections. In Histology, students apply the principles presented in lecture to the microscopic identification of normal human cells and tissues, while the Neuroscience course uses case studies to apply and reinforce basic concepts.

The Department offers several elective courses, including Advanced Gross Dissection and Research. The Research elective gives students the opportunity to participate in ongoing research projects with the Anatomy faculty. Members of the Anatomy Department are actively engaged in the study of human and lower vertebrate morphology. Areas of research interest include the evolution and function of the musculoskeletal system, biological shape variation in evolution, evolution of the mammalian middle ear and mandible, inflammatory response, cortical control of autonomic functions, and use of computer instruction in the teaching of Anatomy.