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Faculty List For Microbiology and Immunology

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Aaron D. Alexander, Ph.D.
George Washington University
Professor Emeritus

John R. Burdick, Ph.D.
Iowa State University
Professor and Dean of Basic Sciences

Richard A. Laddaga, Ph.D.
McGill University, Montreal

Balbina J. Plotkin, Ph.D.
University of Tennessee

Kyle H. Ramsey, Ph.D.
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
Associate Dean of Basic Sciences

Ira M. Sigar, Ph.D.
Illinois Institute of Technology

Michelle Swanson-Mungerson, Ph.D.
Loyola University
Stritch School of Medicine
Assistant Professor

Michael V. Volin, Ph.D.
The University of Chicago
Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Microbiology

James M. Woods, Ph.D.
Loyola University
Associate Professor