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Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

The mission of CCOM states: CCOM educates osteopathic physicians to provide compassionate quality care, promote the practice of osteopathic medicine and lifelong learning, research and service.

The mission will be achieved by meeting the following objectives:

  1. Demonstrate compassionate care as measured by preceptor and alumni evaluations
    • Provide instruction in ethics and communication skills starting with osteopathic medical school orientation and continuing through required coursework with focused examinations
  2. Demonstrate quality educational outcomes through academic achievement as measured by passing all course work, through preceptor evaluations of all core competencies, graded patient presentations, post-rotation exams, OSCE exams on standardized patients, COMLEX scores
  3. Provide osteopathic medical care through the MWU multi-specialty clinic and through clinical rotations with assessment of demonstration of osteopathic practices and principles through the student evaluation forms and reports from preceptors
    • Provide instruction in osteopathic practices and principles throughout all 4 years of osteopathic medical school instruction
  4. Educate students in principles of lifelong learning as assessed through continued participation collected through alumni surveys
  5. Promote research and scholarly activity as assessed by student participation in research opportunities provided by MWU/CCOM, and in publications providing opportunities for student involvement
  6. Provide service learning experiences as assessed by service participation of all classes and clubs, by accumulation of TOUCH points (an AOA program), and by alumni surveys of on-going service provision
  7. Integrating the MWU/OPTI exposure into the osteopathic student experience to enhance the training of students
  8. Successful residency placement
  9. Provide faculty development programs to enhance the student educational experience