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Elective Courses

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Electives are short, in-depth courses in a variety of areas related to medicine (e.g., drug and alcohol abuse, computers in medicine, osteopathic medicine, etc.), which are designed to broaden understanding of important topics. These courses are open to CCOM students in the spring quarter of their first year and in all three quarters of their second year. Failures in elective courses carry the same weighting as failures in core curriculum courses such as anatomy, biochemistry, etc.

The specific list of electives offered will vary:

Advanced Studies in OMM
Agents of Biological & Chemical Warfare & Terrorism
Anatomy Teaching Assistant
Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Career Development
Clinical Nutrition
Clinical Problem Solving
Health Policy Elective
Medical Spanish
Medical Simulation
Nutrient and Drug Biomembrane Transport
Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Obesity: Epidemiology, Clinical Assessment, Related Medical Conditions and Treatment
Osteopathic Clinical Research
Pharmacologic Aspects of Drug Abuse
Physiology Teaching Assistant
Research Design
Student Research Elective
Topics in Sports Medicine
Understanding America's Underserved