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Distant Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences

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Distant Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) are defined as 6 week PS-IV APPEs that are at practice sites outside the greater Chicago area. The greater Chicago area is defined as sites within Chicago and the surrounding counties of Cook, Will, Dupage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, Kendall, and Grundy, as well as parts of DeKalb and Winnebego County, Northwestern Indiana and Southeastern Wisconsin. Students in good academic and disciplinary standing as determined by the College may participate in distant APPEs. Distant APPEs are subject to final approval on an individual basis by the Director of the Office of Experiential Education (OEE). Students may apply to be considered for placement on distant APPEs during their PS-II year. Students must attend all mandatory distant APPE meetings and adhere to all assignment deadline dates. All requests will be considered, but placement priority will occur in the following order:

All distant APPE sites and preceptors must be approved by OEE, and the standard University affiliation agreement must be completed prior to the student beginning the rotation. There is no guarantee that requested distant APPEs will be approved and scheduled. Schedule changes resulting from preceptor changes may result in a denied distant APPE request. Students doing distant APPEs are also responsible for contacting the Board of Pharmacy in the state where they are placed to determine the licensure requirement(s) for students on rotations in that state. The student must comply with the requirements for that state and provide proof of compliance to OEE. All travel and living expenses are the student's responsibility.