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Core Values

College of Dental Medicine-Illinois

The College of Dental Medicine-Illinois will achieve its mission and vision through emphasis on the following Goals;

  1. Develop innovative educational programs that prepare students for ethical clinical practice of the highest quality.
  2. Create a humanistic learning environment based upon collegiality and professionalism, modeled by faculty in an atmosphere of cooperation, teamwork, shared knowledge, and mutual respect.
  3. Provide a patient-centered, comprehensive care program that considers the overall well-being of the patient.
  4. In cooperation with the Midwestern University colleges and programs, develop an interprofessional model of learning and practice that will prepare practitioners for the healthcare team of the future.
  5. Create an environment of diversity that is valued and visible among the students, staff, faculty, and patients.
  6. Encourage lifelong learning based on science, evidence, and critical thinking that emphasizes continuous professional development and change.
  7. Promote scholarly achievement and research that emphasizes the development of new knowledge in education, learning, and healthcare delivery.
  8. Demonstrate leadership in oral health care among students, staff, and faculty through integrity, innovation, responsibility, and service to the community.