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Masters of Biomedical Sciences Program

Students must complete any three of the following course combinations:

Required Courses: Basic Science
BIOC 1551, 1552 Biochemistry I & II
MICR 0583, 0599 Medical Microbiology & Molecular Immunology
PHAR 1641, 1642, 1643 Pharmacology I, II, & III
PHYS 1510, 1511 Human Physiology I & II

Required Courses: Research and Thesis
BISC 0512 Fundamentals of Research
BISC 0520 Ethics of Research and Experimentation
BISC 0526 Research Design and Methodology
BISC 0527 Principles of Biostatistics
BISC 0528 Literature Review 2
BISC 0530 Professional Development 1
BISC 0560, 0660, 0661, 0662, 0663 Laboratory Research for Thesis
BISC 0610 Thesis Proposal
BISC 0635 Advanced Topics/Journal Club
BISC 0653, 0654 Seminar in the Biomedical Sciences
BISC 0680 Thesis

Elective Options
ANAT 0565 Human Neuroscience
ANAT 1500 Human Gross Anatomy & Embryology
BIOC 0552 Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition
BIOC 1445 Principles and Practices of Enteral and Total Parenteral Nutrition
BIOC 1447 Nutrition in Preventative Medicine
BISC 0580 Pathophysiology
BISC 0850 Intestinal Bacteria in Health and Disease
MICR 1304 Agents of Biological and Chemical Warfare and Terrorism
PHAR 1410 Pharmacologic Aspects of Drug Abuse
PHAR 1420 Medical Spanish
PHAR 1430 Cardiovascular Pharmacology
PHYS 1637 Exercise Physiology
PPRA 1321 Medication Management in Primary and Secondary Schools
PSCI 1371 Alternative Therapies and Natural Products
PSCI 1374 Advanced Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
PSCI 1376 Development of Newly Approved Drug Therapies