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Academic Warning & Probation

Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine

Academic warning issued by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of AZCOM is a formal notification of marginal or substandard academic performance which cautions the student that continued performance at this level may compromise the student's ability to pass one or more courses.  If, at any time during the academic year, a student has <70% or <C in one or more courses, the student will be notified by MWU e-mail from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to formulate a plan of action.  The student will also seek assistance from course faculty and/or Student Services, as needed.

Academic probation represents notice that continued inadequate academic performance might result in dismissal. If a student on academic probation successfully completes a probationary quarter, his/her academic status reverts to academic warning. To return to good academic standing, a student must correct deficiencies and incur no further failures. When a student is placed on academic probation, it is noted in the student's academic file. Subsequently, when a student is returned to good academic standing, this is also noted in the student's file. Academic probation is not noted on transcripts. Students on academic probation are ineligible to hold student organizational offices, or to participate in international rotations.