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Occupational Therapy Program

The professional master's curriculum is composed of 47.5 required course credits (quarter hours) for the first calendar year, 61.5 required course credits for the second calendar year, and 24.5 required course credits for the third calendar year, for a total of 133.5 quarter credits. Fieldwork courses are placed in the first, second, and third years of the curriculum and include one 0.5-credit Level I experience, two 1-credit Level I experiences and two 12-credit Level II Fieldwork experiences. Moreover, faculty-guided and supervised learning opportunities in the community are pivotal learning experiences during the second year which reinforce and expand students' mastery of content and skill performance related to occupational therapy evaluation and intervention.

Students' proficiency in evaluation and intervention, independent decision-making and critical thinking are emphasized during OT Fieldwork II-A and II-B of the curriculum, which occur during the spring quarter of the second professional year and the fall quarter of the third professional year (24 required credits). Fieldwork experiences are offered in clinical, community, hospital, school, and other facilities that have a legal agreement with the University and are located throughout the continental United States.

The Midwestern University College of Health Sciences Occupational Therapy Program reserves the right to alter its curriculum however and whenever it deems appropriate.

First Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:
Fall Quarter
CORE 1560 Interdisciplinary Healthcare 0.5
ANAT 502 Anatomy 4
OTHE 500 Fieldwork I-A 0.5
OTHE 505 Human Conditions I 3
OTHE 510 OT Foundations 2
OTHE 520 Theoretical Constructs I 3
OTHE 540 OT Analysis I 2
Winter Quarter
CORE 1570 Interdisciplinary Healthcare 0.5
ANAT 583 Neuroscience I 3
OTHE 525 Human Conditions II 3
OTHE 541 OT Analysis II 2
OTHE 550 Fieldwork Foundations I 1
OTHE 560 Occupational Roles and Participation 2
OTHE 584 Neuroscience II 3
Spring Quarter
CORE 1580 Interdisciplinary Healthcare 0.5
OTHE 526 Human Conditions III 3
OTHE 528 Research I 3
OTHE 535 OT Group Process 2
OTHE 536 Fieldwork I-B 1
OTHE 551 Fieldwork Foundations II 0.5
OTHE 581 Kinesiology 3
OTHE 585 Evaluation and Treatment I: Foundations 5

Second Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:
Summer Quarter
OTHE 626 Human Conditions IV 3
OTHE 630 Research II 3
OTHE 641 Orthotics I 2
OTHE 655 Evaluation and Treatment II: Children 5
OTHE 661 OT Analysis III 2
Fall Quarter
OTHE 636 Fieldwork I-C 1
OTHE 642 Orthotics II 2
OTHE 650 Fieldwork Foundations III 0.5
OTHE 652 Upper Extremity Rehabilitation 4
OTHE 657 Pediatric Practice 3
OTHE 675 Evaluation and Treatment III: Adult 5
OTHE 678 Administration & Leadership 3
Winter Quarter
OTHE 631 Research III 3
OTHE 662 Physical Agents 2
OTHE 667 Psychosocial Practice 3
OTHE 685 Evaluation and Treatment IV: Seniors 5
OTHE 687 Adult Practice 3
Spring Quarter
OTHE 695 Fieldwork II-A 12

Third Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:
Summer Quarter
OTHE 720 Theoretical Constructs II 3
OTHE 733 Research IV 3
OTHE 751 Seminar on Clinical Practice 0.5
OTHE 789 Work Rehabilitation & Health Promotion 3
OTHE 794 Program Development 3
Fall Quarter
OTHE 796 Fieldwork II-B 12