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Glendale, AZ Campus


Glendale, AZ Campus

Board of Trustees

William D. Andrews,

Sr. Anne C. Leonard, C.N.D.,
Vice Chair

Gerrit A. van Huisstede,

Kathleen H. Goeppinger, Ph.D.,
President and Chief Executive Officer

The Honorable Jean L. Baxter, J.D.
Michael J. Blend, Ph.D., D.O.
Janet R. Bolton, CFP, CIMA
John H. Finley, Jr., D.O.
Warren B. Grayson, J.D.
Gretchen R. Hannan
Kenneth R. Herlin
John Ladowicz, M.B.A.
Kevin D. Leahy
Madeline R. Lewis, D.O.
Robert M. Lockhart, Ph.D.
W. Jay Lovelace
The Honorable Elaine M. Scruggs
Paul M. Steingard, D.O.
Gary L. Trujillo, M.B.A.

Officers and Administrators

Kathleen H. Goeppinger, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer

Arthur G. Dobbelaere, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Gregory J. Gaus
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Karen D. Johnson, Ph.D.
Vice President, University Relations

Dean P. Malone
Vice President, Finance

John R. Burdick, Ph.D.
Dean, Basic Sciences, and Vice President, Clinic Operations

Theresa Welch Fossum, D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D., DACVS
Vice President of Research and Strategic Initiatives

Mary W. L. Lee, Pharm.D., BCPS, FCCP
Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Pharmacy and Optometry Education

Angela L. Marty, PHR
Vice President, Administration and Human Resources

Dennis J. Paulson, Ph.D.
Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Medical, Dental and Veterinary Education

Kathleen N. Player, Ed.D., MSN, M.B.A., MS-C
Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, Colleges of Health Sciences

Thomas A. Boyle, D.O., FACOEP, FACEP
Dean, Postdoctoral Education

Teresa A. Dombrowski, Ph.D.
Dean of Students, Downers Grove Campus

Mitchell R. Emerson, Ph.D. 
Interim Dean, College of Pharmacy-Glendale

Nancy F. Fjortoft, Ph.D.
Dean, Chicago College of Pharmacy

Russell O. Gilpatrick, D.D.S.
Dean, College of Dental Medicine-Arizona  

Donald Jarnagin, O.D.
Dean, Arizona College of Optometry 

Lori A. Kemper, D.O., M.S., FACOFP
Dean, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine

Ross J. Kosinski, Ph.D.
Dean of Students and Director of Community Outreach, Glendale Campus

M.A.J. Lex MacNeil, D.D.S.
Dean, College of Dental Medicine-Illinois

Karen J. Nichols, D.O., M.A., MACOI, CS
Dean, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Fred D. Romano, Ph.D., M.S.
Dean, Downers Grove Campus, College of Health Sciences

Brian K. Sidaway, D.V.M., M.S., DACVS
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicines

Jacquelyn M. Smith, Ph.D.
Dean, Glendale Campus, College of Health Sciences