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Regaining Eligibility after a Drug Conviction

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A student may regain eligibility at any time by completing an approved drug rehabilitation program and by informing the school that he or she has done so. A student regains Title IV eligibility on the date he or she successfully completes the program. A drug rehabilitation program is considered approved for these purposes if it includes at least two unannounced drug tests and meets one of the following criteria:

For a student whose Title IV eligibility is reinstated after a drug conviction, the maximum loan period that a school may certify is the academic year during which the student regains eligibility. However, the school may not certify eligibility prior to the date on which eligibility is regained. A student who loses eligibility during a loan period is immediately ineligible to receive subsequent disbursements of Federal Direct Loan Program funds and is required to repay any Title IV funds received after the date he or she loses eligibility. Schools are not required to recalculate a student's loan amount.