Student Services

Student Handbook and Appendices

All policies and pronouncements in this Handbook are currently in effect and apply to all students enrolled in the University. It is the responsibility of all students enrolled in the University to be knowledgeable about these policies and all published requirements and standards set forth by the University. The University reserves the right to make changes in this Handbook at any time.  

Placement in Employment & College Navigator

This information is available within the Fast Facts section for each college and program.

To access the College Navigator website, click on the respective campus - Downers Grove, ILGlendale, AZ

Vaccinations Policy

Immunization and Titer Information - Downers Grove, ILGlendale, AZ

Student Services Contact Information

Student Body Diversity

Prospective students should contact their respective admissions office by email to obtain a copy of the report. Current Midwestern University students may access the report by clicking below.

Prospective Students Current Students
Office of Admissions - Downers Grove
MWU Downers Grove, IL students (password required)
Office of Admissions - Glendale
MWU Glendale, AZ students (password required)

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