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Admissions Staff in Glendale

James Walter, Director of Admissions
jwalte@midwestern.edu, 623/572-3275

Tracey Ramirez,
Assistant Director, Admissions
tramir@midwestern.edu, 623/572-3275

Diane Allison, National Recruiter Las Vegas Operations
dallis@midwestern.edu, 623/572-3275 

Jennifer Bessette,
Admissions Counselor
jbesse@midwestern.edu, 623/572-3275

Rebekah Godsil, Admissions Counselor
rgodsi@midwestern.edu, 623/572-3275

Monica Guerra, Admissions Counselor
mguerr@midwestern.edu, 623/572-3275

Michael Pralle, Admissions Counselor
mprall@midwestern.edu, 623/572-3275 

Krista Ross, Admissions Counselor
krossx@midwestern.edu, 623/572-3275

Kristin Warriner, Admissions Counselor
kwarri@midwestern.edu, 623/572-3275

 Support Staff
Laura Lewis,
Administrative Assistant
Rosa Merino, Administrative Assistant
Bea White, Administrative Assistant


Office of Admissions
Midwestern University
19555 North 59th Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85308

623/572-3275 phone
888/247-9277 toll-free
623/572-3229 fax

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