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Registrar's Office Mission Statement

The Office of the Registrar performs the essential roles of supporting, facilitating and promoting the academic mission of Midwestern University by providing information about and services related to academic programs and degree requirements, academic calendar and catalog maintenance, registration and enrollment verification, and management of student academic records in a timely, accurate, confidential and supportive manner in accordance with University policy, state and federal law. The office is charged with ensuring adherence to academic policy, preserving academic integrity, safeguarding the security of academic records, and providing accessible service to our constituents.


Because our activities are important we demonstrate the following values in the way we conduct our business:

We aspire to maintain the highest levels of ethical behavior and professional conduct.

We embrace teamwork and collaboration in order to achieve our results.

We value exceptional communication between campuses, departments, and colleagues.

We aspire to maintain consistency in processes and procedures between campuses.

We are committed to understanding and meeting our students' needs.

We are committed to continuous improvement in our services

and the way we conduct our business.

We are committed to lifelong learning for our students and ourselves.

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