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Kim Brown Kimberly Brown, Ph.D.; Director of Finance
Nathan Ernst Nathan Ernst, M. Ed.; Director, Student Financial Services, Downers Grove Campus
 E. Thomas Billard, M.B.A.; Director, Student Financial Services, Glendale Campus


Mission Statement

The Office of Student Financial Services is committed to providing the highest level of customer service to support our students in achieving their academic goals. We intend to ensure that each student graduates from Midwestern University with the lowest possible educational debt and guarantee that the distribution of financial aid funds will be fair and equitable. We are committed to providing a comprehensive financial literacy program to support our students and alumni that will serve as a model to other institutions. Our goal is to create an environment that embraces teamwork and collaborative partnerships within the educational community.

Student Financial Services: Code of Conduct


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Student Loan Repayment Information 

Sensible Strategies: Building the Foundation for Your Financial Future

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