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Financial Aid- FWS Employment and Payroll Forms

Information for New Federal Work-Study Students

Students that are new to the Federal Work-Study program must complete payroll forms and the appropriate FWS employment approval form. Please return these forms directly to the Office of Student Financial Services and bring forms of ID in order to be placed on payroll. Acceptable forms of identification can be found on the back of the I-9, Employment Verification form.

We have put together these convenient packets for you to print out and complete prior to coming into the Office of Student Financial Services. These packets are also available in the Office of Student Financial Services.

          AZ Student FWS Packets                       IL Student FWS Packets

AZ On-Campus Packet IL On-Campus Packet
AZ Community Service Packet IL Community Service Packet
AZ Research Packet IL Research Packet

Information for Continuing Federal Work-Study Students:

Since you are already in the payroll system, the only form that you need to fill out each year is the appropriate Employment Approval Form below.

FWS Employment Forms

On-Campus Employment Approval Form

Community Service Employment Approval Form

Research Employment Approval Form

Student Employee Time Sheet

Use this form to record hours worked. This form must be signed by the student and his/her supervisor before submitting it to the Office of Student Financial Services.

AZ Time Sheet  IL Time Sheet 

Illinois students:
The time sheets can be submitted by the student, but they must be in a sealed envelope with the supervisor's signature on it.

Additional Forms

Federal Work-Study Job Description Form - for supervisors only


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