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Financial Aid- FWS Supervisor Information

On-Campus Job Descriptions

Classroom Assistant Clinic Assistant (Optometry)
Housing Assistant Lab Classroom Assistant
Office Assistant Patient Scheduler Assistant (AZ ONLY)
Peer Financial Literacy Counselor Technology Assistant
Wellness Center Assistant

Research Job Descriptions

Laboratory Assistant- Off-Campus Research Only
Research Assistant- On-Campus Research Only

How to submit a request for an on-campus FWS position

Access https://online.midwestern.edu , login and click on the FWS Job Posting section along the left side of the page. Step by step instructions are provided to help you navigate through the job posting process. If you have any questions about the FWS program, refer to the FWS Handbook or contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (630) 515-6101 (IL) or (623) 572-3321 (AZ).

Positions will be posted on online.midwestern.edu for students to see. In Arizona, jobs will also be posted on the FWS Job Board (located in the brand new Barrel III Student Center outside the Office of Student Financial Services).

The faculty/staff member making the request will be responsible for interviewing potential FWS applicants. Once the student is hired, an On-Campus FWS Employment Approval Form must be completed. If the student is hired for an on-campus research position, the Research Federal Work-Study Employment Approval Form must be completed. The student completes the top portion; the employer completes the bottom half. If additional faculty/staff members are authorized to sign the time sheet they must be listed as alternates.

It is the FWS student's responsibility to have time sheets signed by an authorized faculty/staff member. It is also their responsibility to make sure their time sheets are turned in to the Office of Student Financial Services each pay period.

Note: For Illinois supervisors, the time sheet can be submitted by the student, but it must be in a sealed envelope with the supervisor's signature on it. Supervisors can also bring them directly to the Office of Student Financial Services.

Points to remember

-You must notify the Office of Student Financial Services of any changes in the employment status of a student.
-You or the designated alternate must sign the student's time sheet. No other signatures will be accepted.
-All students employed by your department or organization must have a signed Employment Approval Form on file for the current academic year.

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