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What does it take to become financially savvy? Homework! Yes, we must all gain a better understanding of our finances. For some, the journey has already begun. For others, it is a brand-new world. No matter your level of awareness, the Office of Student Financial Services provides tools to help you understand your finances.

Your short-term goal may simply be to understand your student loans. However, financial literacy consists everything from controlling credit card debt and establishing a monthly budget to planning for the future. The Web sites below provide information on these important topics.


Budget Calculators

Consumer Credit-Counseling Services

Recorded Webinars

Workshop Videos

Bank Rate Money Management International Budget Webinar Couples and Finances
StudentAid.gov National Foundation for Credit Counseling  Real Estate Basics 
Direct.ed.gov Financial Experts Forum



Financial Literacy Scholarship Recipients for 2013, Downers Grove Campus

Christine Jeng, Pharmacy 2015, Downers Grove
"Day-to-Day Financial Literacy"

Rebecca Ledeboer-Martinez, Pharmacy 2014, Downers Grove
"Saving for Family"

Nabiha Mahmood,  Pharmacy 2015, Downers Grove
"Investing into Our Future and Family"  

Mitchell Steinbrenner, Pharmacy 2015- Downers Grove
"Investing for Today and Tomorrow"

Financial Literacy Scholarship Recipients for 2013, Glendale Campus

Lilley Gharavi, Dental 2013, Glendale
"Practicing Financial Literacy Since Childhood"

David Larsen, AZCOM 2013, Glendale
"Abundance on a Budget"

Dustin Miles, PA 2013, Glendale
"Less Debt to Regret"

Renee Rosteck, OT 2013, Glendale
"A Thrifty Lifestyle in Graduate School"

Your Financial Literacy Library

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