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We have partnered with Paul Garrard, Founder and President of PGPresents, an independent student loan consulting company, to provide loan repayment services to graduates. Mr. Garrard is a thirty-year veteran of higher education and student financial aid and is considered by many to be the number one educational debt management expert in the nation, especially when it comes to helping health professions graduates manage their student loans. He works with thousands of health professions graduates helping them choose repayment strategies to meet their career, personal and financial goals.

The services are offered at no additional charge to all Midwestern University Class of 2013 graduates, and will include:

Loan Repayment Videos:

Please note:  There may be a 10-15 second delay while the videos upload

All Programs

Loan Servicing
Repayment Primer
Repayment Strategies

College of Osteopathic and Podiatric Medicine

MWU Introduction - Medicine and Podiatric Medicine

College of Dental Medicine

MWU Introduction - Dental

General (all disciplines other than dental, osteopathic and podiatric medicine)

MWU Introduction - Other programs

Loan Repayment Handouts:

Repayment Primer
Consolidation Primer
Loan Servicing Primer
Free Resources to Help Manage Your Student Loans

Debt Management Listservs

In order to help you manage your student loans as you transition from MWU into your health sciences careers, including any residency program you maybe participating in, MWU will automatically enroll you in one of three Debt Management Listservs (DMLs):


These DMLs will provide you with:


These DMLs are completely private and nobody will be on your DML other than your MWU Class of 2013 colleagues and staff from the MWU Office of Student Financial Services.  You will be enrolled with your current MWU email address, but will have the opportunity to change your email address later, if you want.  The DMLs will run from May 17, 2013 through December 31, 2013 to ensure that you have help with your student loans through the time when your loans will be coming due.

You will receive a welcome message about your Debt Management Listserv on May 17, 2013.

Toll Free Phone Number

Toll-free access to Mr. Garrard will be available from May 28, 2013 through December 31, 2013 for the purpose of getting straight answers to questions regarding repayment.

Mr. Garrard will be available to answer general questions; he may be contacted at 877.201.6162.  Please identify yourself as a 2013 graduate of Midwestern University and your degree program.

Hours and Contact Information

Downers Grove, IL Campus
Office of Student Financial Services
555 31st Street
Downers Grove, IL 608515
Phone: 630.515.6101
Fax: 630.515.6384
Email: ilfinaid@midwestern.edu
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST) Monday through Friday

Glendale, AZ Campus
Office of Student Financial Services
19555 North 59th Avenue Street
Glendale, AZ 85308
Phone: 623.572.3321
Fax: 623.572.3283
Email: azfinaid@midwestern.edu
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (MST) Monday through Friday



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