AZCOM Launches New Applied Master of Osteopathic Education Program

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April 07, 2023 | Glendale, AZ

2024 and 2025 AZCOM AMOE Scholars AZCOM A.M.O.E. Scholars, front row (L to R): Justin Blankenbaker (AZCOM '25), Sarah Carpinelli (AZCOM '24), Kobe Miller (AZCOM '24), Kathleen Wong (AZCOM '24); back row (L to R): Dylan Hampel (AZCOM '25), Ryan Orlando (AZCOM '25)

Future Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine now have the opportunity to extend their knowledge of osteopathic medicine and prepare for new opportunities in teaching and research. The Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern University recently announced that their existing OMM Scholarship program has been retooled as an Applied Master of Osteopathic Medicine (A.M.O.E.) to help create more future osteopathic instructors.

The new program brings AZCOM OMM Scholars back to the MWU Glendale Campus during their third year to train first- and second-year AZCOM students in the College’s OMM lab, while participating in third-year rotations.  They also take an elective in OMM at the Midwestern University Multispecialty Clinic. In their fourth year, OMM Scholars continue clinical experiences in the Multispecialty Clinic as well as perform a hospital rotation to prepare them to return to regular rotations and auditions. During this year, they are enrolled in courses to increase their research skills and learn teaching principles and best practices, while participating in a quality improvement project at the Clinic. The final year, while preparing for the residency match, OMM scholars return to the Glendale Campus in the spring to assist in teaching OMM courses.

The first AZCOM class to earn the A.M.O.E. will be the OMM Scholar Class of 2024.