CCOM Student to Serve on American Osteopathic Foundation Board

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January 18, 2019 | Downers Grove, IL

Renee Wakulski (CCOM 2021)

A second-year student at Midwestern University's Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (CCOM) will serve as a student representative to the American Osteopathic Foundation Board. Renee Wakulski (CCOM 2021) is the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) appointee to the American Osteopathic Foundation Board of Directors for the 2019-2020 term.

The American Osteopathic Foundation serves as the philanthropic heart of the osteopathic profession. For nearly 70 years, the Foundation has upheld its mission to support programs and services that promote osteopathic medicine and enhance patient-centered care. Ms. Wakulski's dedication to public service and her leadership skills in national organizations led to her appointment to the Board.  

A national liaison officer for the SOMA, Ms. Wakulski has experience planning, organizing, and executing educational, fundraising, advocacy, and community service events. This includes the St. Baldrick's annual fundraiser for childhood cancer research and the Student Interventions in Health Inequities Conference. SOMA President, Kate de Klerk (CCOM 2019) notes, "She is a leader with great humility and curiosity, who helps others to see their own potential as agents of change, and her can-do attitude inspires those around her to get involved in their community."

Ms. Wakulski is the treasurer of CCOM's branch of Community Health, which provides medical attention to underserved patients in her community. And, as the former Vice President of Finance of Georgetown's Public Health Brigade in Honduras, she helped educate schoolchildren about healthy lifestyles and engineered public health projects that promoted long-term sustainability. Tyler King, SOMA President-elect adds, "Ms. Wakulski brings strong communication and leadership skills to SOMA, and the American Osteopathic Foundation is very fortunate to have her serving on their Board. She is also someone who brings a sense of joy and optimism to every situation she comes across."

Ms. Wakulski also served for three years as an undergraduate student research assistant conducting neuroscience and HIV research. In addition, she helped to develop grant programs providing funds to university and other local researchers while an intern at the Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative.

The American Osteopathic Foundation's CEO, Rita Forden, calls Ms. Wakulski an energetic leader whose dedication to helping others inspires and motivates those around her. "Renee is such a joy to work with. Her commitment to philanthropy knows no limits, which is especially impressive given the rigorous demands of medical school. We are delighted to welcome Renee as SOMA's student representative. Moreover, we are honored to continue this partnership with SOMA; whose leadership continues to appoint compassionate and stalwart leaders to our Board."