Arizona Research Collection for Integrative Vertebrate Education and Study (ARCIVES)

Arizona Research Collection for Integrative Vertebrate Education and Study is a research center within the College of Graduate Studies at Midwestern University. 

ARCIVES pursues an integrative strategy for anatomical research to promote the understanding of vertebrate morphology and its applications to clinical medicine, conservation biology, and uses both functional and evolutionary biology approaches to understanding the diversity of vertebrate life. 

This mission of ARCIVES falls squarely under the One Health Initiative of Midwestern University through promoting public awareness of the importance of global biodiversity, sustainability, and health for all species, the interaction of human and animal health, and its relevance to contemporary society through a number of research innovations: 


ARCIVES currently has wide diversity of vertebrate specimens available for research by students, faculty colleagues, and qualified off-campus scholars.  Both soft tissue and skeletal specimens are available for study.  For a detailed list of specimens, contact ARCIVES staff:

ARCIVES research scientists are faculty members in the Division of Basic Sciences in the College of Graduate Studies, Midwestern University. ARCIVES faculty and staff participate in a variety of outreach programs in local schools or organizations. For a listing of recent outreach activities, click here.