Glendale, AZ Faculty Researchers

Arizona College of Optometry (AZCOPT)
Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine (AZCOM)
College of Dental Medicine-AZ (CDMA)
College of Health Sciences (CHS)
College of Graduate Studies (CGS) 
College of Pharmacy-Glendale (CPG)
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Research and Scholarly Interests

Addy, LauraAZCOPTClinical optometry; Low vision rehabilitation
Kozlowski, MIchaelAZCOPTMacular degeneration, Blue light, Cancer
Putnam, NicoleAZCOPTVision science and optics
Vasudevan, BalamuraliAZCOPTDry eye, myopia, contact lens, clinical vision science
Hobbs, BrianneAZCOPTPublic Health, Ethics, and Clinical Optometry
Woo, EricCCOInterprofessional Education, Interprofessional Collaboration, Optometric Education, Clinical Case Studies
Al-Nakkash, LaylaCGSGI physiology in cystic fibrosis, diabetes, endometriosis and Alzheimer's diseases
Baab, KarenCGSHuman evolution; skull; geometric morphometrics; quantitative genetics; morphology; paleontology; paleoanthropology
Bae, NancyCGSTelomere biology; aging; age-related diseases
Call, GeraldCGSDrosophila; Anesthesia; behavior; Parkinson's; nicotine
Gonzalez, FernandoAZCOMProteolysis and Fungal Virulence
Griffin, MichaelCGSadipocyte biology; metabolic inflammation; transcriptional regulation; phytonutrients
Aryeh GrossmanCGSPaleontologist studying the effect of climate on evolution and structure of Neogene mammal communities
Grow, WadeCGSNeuromuscular synapse development
Hall, MargaretCGSvision, perineum, evolution
Hernandez, JoseCGSBacterial metal homeostasis; Screening of new antimicrobials; Antibiotic resistance; Biological nitrogen fixation
Heesy, ChristopherCGSFunction and evolution of vertebrate neurosensory structures
Hnida, JohnCGSCoccidia of mammals and reptiles
Hollingworth, AlexzandraAZCOMQuality Improvement, Pleural Effusions, Geriatric Trauma, Antibiotic renal clearance, Robotic Thyroidectomy, PCC, Wellness in residency and medical school, small bowel obstruction
Smith, HeatherCGSCraniodental morphology and evolution in humans, nonhuman primates, and turtles
Jentarra, GarilynCGSAlzheimer's disease and Rett syndrome
Jones, T BuckyCGSneurinflammation, neurodegeneration, neurotrauma
Kaufman, JasonCGSExperimental neuroimaging and neurohistology
Kim, Chongwoo A.CGSBiophysical studies of the Polyomb group of epigenetic regulators
Korch, ShaleenCGScancer metabolism, synthtic biology, adaptive responses. mycobacterial persistence, toxin:antitoxin modules
Foxx, Ann CheriAZCOMInterventional Pain Management, Non-opioid Treatment of Pain, Collaborative Pain Management, Interdiscplinary Pain Management, Pain Injections, Minor Surgery for Pain
Lee, AndrewCGSbone histology, avian flight, biomechanics, growth, medullary bone
Leyva, KathrynCGSEpigenetics, EMT, and cancer
Muldoon, KathleenCGSPaleontology, Madagascar, Medical Education, CMV, Empathy
Muldoon, KathleenCGSPaleontology, Madagascar, Wyoming
Muldoon, KathleenCGSMedical Education, CMV, Empathy
Muldoon, KathleenCGSPaleontology, Madagascar, Medical Education, CMV, Empathy
Muldoon, KathleenCGSPaleontology, Madagascar, Medical Education, CMV, Empathy
Norris, JeffreyCGSLung Cancer, Kras, Western Diet, Circulating Hormones, Immune Surveillance
Nydam, RandallAZCOMLepidosauromorphan evolution and ultrasound in medical education
Olson, Christopher R.CGSVocal and Auditory Learning
Potter, PamelaCGSAlzheimer's Disease
Revill, AnnCGSRespiratory neurophysiology
Simons, ErinCGS, AZCOMfunctional morphology of bone
Swanson, MarkCGSYeast; genetics; gene expression; telomeres; Alzheimer's Disease
Tullot, TonyCGSPathology
Vallejo, JohanaCGSCardiovascular physiology
VandenBrooks, JohnCGSEffects of variation in atmospheric oxygen on animal physiology, development, and evolution; Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Worden, KatherineAZCOMResearch in the field of Osteopathic Medicine. Recent studies include treatment of cerebral palsy, plagiocephaly, otitis media, anxiety and immune function, wounded veterans, and the Physiology of Somatic dysfunction. Member of DO TOUCH.Net, Physician Based Reserach Network, completing the Clinical Trials on the Safety and Efficacy of OMT.
Beals, DouglasCDMADental implants, biologics, bone graft, guided tisssue regeneration, guided bone regeneration, post-operative pain control, Dental Implant success,
Berrigan, KarenCDMABAG Bond, Bioactive Glass with absorbed Xylitol in a bracket adhesive: Sheer Bond StrengthElastic Limit of Common Orthodontic elastomeric chains Bioactive Glass containing Bonding Agents:Changes in Microhardness adjacent to brackets
Boden, DanielCDMACrown Wear Study, Novus Denture Study
Call, StevenCDMACAD/CAM Dentistry, Implant Dentistry
Fountain, AnitaCDMAI have diverse interest in research.
Cohn, MarcCDMACrown wear,Laser, Silver Diamide Flouride
Francis, JohnCDMAPeriodontal Diseases, Periimplantitis, Bone Regeneration, GTR
Mathews, JacquelynCDMAWhitening, Carbamide Peroxide, Sodium Bicarbonate
Meharry, Michael DDS, MSCDMADental Restorative /Adhesive Materials / Bonding Protocols / Operative procedures
Mitchell, JohnCDMABiomaterials and Biomechanics, Clinical Dental Research
Roberts, BradleyCDMAMy research interests focused primarily on dental technology education in CAD/CAM and digital dentistry.
Roberts, EugeniaCDMAMy research interests are varide. I have focused primarily on dental education and how students learn in peer pairs and learning preferences.I am also very interested in issues that affect patient care such as self-medication, oral pathology, and student/doctor-patient relationships.
Rolf II, David CDMADental Implants and Implant Biomaterials, Oral-Systemic Relationships, Clinical Ethics Education
Siscel, RebeccaCDMAFixed and Removable Research
Brobeck, TeresaCHSSpeech, language, cognitive and swallowing disorders in adults.
Buhlman, LoriCGSExploring Parkin loss-of-function pathology in Drosophila
Chamberlain, JaredCHSPsychology and the Law
Christensen, StephanieCHSLanguage, cognition, and social participation in people with aphasia and cognitive-linguistic disorders
Flint, MelissaCHSgrief and loss, bereavement, Marfan Syndrome and related disorders, hoarding in the elderly
Freeman, DeniseCHSBiomechanics , Foot Function and Adult Education
Fried, AdamCHSClinical and Research Ethics; Stress and Trauma; Sexual and Gender Minority Health Disparities
Hull, ElizabethCGSEpigenetic regulation of oncogenesis, Gain of function mutant p53
Jansen, KateCHSHealth Psychology; Integrated Care; Human Sexuality
Lawson, KathrynCGSRole of cell adhesion proteins in the development of oral cancer
Myers, KentCHSAlheimer's disease and aquatic therapy
Powell, JessicaCHSNeuropsychology and neurodegenerative diseases
Ratiu, IleanaCHSBilingual memory and language control; Mild traumatic brain injury and executive function
Shim, MinsubCGSCyclooxygenase-2 signaling in cancer and aging
Soby, ScottCGSenvironmental microbiology, secondary metabolites with anti-fungal or insecticidal activity
Wellensiek, BrianCGSProtein translation and vaccine enhancement
Wissman, LanceCHSLower extremity anatomical varients and pathologies
Wolford, LauraCHSEducation methodology; Vocal function; Prosody
Virden, ThomasCHSMarfan Syndrome, Alzheimer's Disease, Psychopharmacology, Hoarding, Impact of Performance on Spectators.
Bowman, Bill JCPGPharmaceutics, Teaching & Learning, Student Development
Buckley, KelseyCPGDiabetes and Pharmacy Teaching
Early, NicoleCPGGeriatrics, Teaching and Learning, Underserved Populations
Goodlet, KellieCPGInfectious diseases, Antimicrobial stewardship, Multi-drug resistance, High-risk populations
Gurney, MaryCPGPharmacy Law, Patient Engagement, Patient Voice, Interprofessional Education
Jordan, MelanieCPGAreas of research interest include pharmacy compouding and sterile products, veterinary drug product compounding and stability, and natural products.
Peckham, AlyssaCPGGabapentin abuse; opioid abuse; prescription drug abuse; substance abuse; psychiatry
Pogge, ElizabethCPGBehavioral Modification; Geriatrics; Cardiology; Nutrition
Rupp, MichaelCPGMedication Safety Management and Quality Assessment
Yao, MingyiCPGCardiovascular phamracology; Drug development; Thrombospondin 1 and CD47
Acierno, MarkCVMDialysis, Theraputic Plasma Exchange, TPE, kidney disease, Urology, Nephrology,
Goetz, NellieCVMVeterinary outreach, shelter protocols and best practices, health disparities in American Indian communities
Hofmeister, ErikCVMEvidence-based practice
Kreisler, RachaelCVMShelter Medicine; Infectious disease; Geographic Information Systems; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Murthy, Ashlesh KCVMmucosal immunity; pathogenesis; inflammation; allergy and asthma; infection; bacterial; respiratory; sexually transmitted disease; Chlamdyia
Okwumabua, OgiCVMMolecular mechanism of microbial pathogenesis; Whole genome sequencing of pathogenic bacteria; Diagnostic reagents development; Mechanism of antimicrobial resistance and resistance transfer process.
Riede, TobiasCGSmotor control, behavioral neuroscience/neuroethology, neurophysiology, biomechanics
Shaver, StephanieCVMSurgical fundamentals, health professionals education
Stackhouse, NancyCVMOutcomes Assessment, Day-One Readiness, Pre-Clinic Readiness, Empathy
Sullins, KennethCVMEquine Laser SurgeryEquine Local Chemotherapy of TumorsEquine Upper Airway Diagnosis and Surgery
Thangamani, ShankarCVMTherapeutics for Bacterial and Fungal infections including Candida albicans, Clostridium difficile, Clostridium perfringens and Enterococcus.
Woods, CraigCVMComparative research, immunotherapeutics, bioscaffolds, antivenoms, antitoxins