Glendale, AZ Faculty Researchers

Arizona College of Optometry (AZCOPT)
Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine (AZCOM)
College of Dental Medicine-AZ (CDMA)
College of Health Sciences (CHS)
College of Pharmacy-Glendale (CPG)
College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM)





Acierno, Mark CVM Hypertension; Urology; Nephrology; Extracorporeal Therapies (TPE, CRRT, Dialysis)
Addy, Laura AZCOPT Clinical optometry; Low vision rehabilitation
Al-Nakkash, Layla AZCOM Intestinal function (secretion, motility); Diabetes; Cystic fibrosis; Genistein
Baab, Karen AZCOM Human / primate evolution; Cranial morphology; Modern human variation
Bae, Nancy AZCOM Telomere biology; Aging; Age-related diseases
Bowman, Bill J CPG Pharmaceutics Education; Student Teacher Training; Leadership Development
Broderick, Tom L AZCOM Diabetic cardiomyopathy; Exercise and glucose control in diabetes; Carnitine homeostasis
Buckley, Kelsey CPG Pharmacy Education; Leadership Development; Chronic Disease State Management
Buhlman, Lori M. CHS Exploring Parkin loss-of-function pathology in Drosophila melanogaster
Burgert, James CHS Pharmacokinetics of intraosseous administered resuscitation drugs
Burns, Shari CHS Scholarship of teaching and learning
Burnworth, Melinda  CPG Rare diseases; Political advocacy; Student mentorship; Faculty development
Call, Gerald AZCOM Drosophila; Anesthesia; behavior; Parkinson's; nicotine; Ischemia reperfusion
Christensen, Stephanie CHS Cognitive-linguistic processing in individuals with aphasia and neurologically intact adults
Dietrich, Michael CPG Admissions; Student affairs; Alumni development; Antibiotic stewardship
Diioia, Marina AZCOM Immune responses to acute vs. chronic infectious disease, vaccine design
Devine, William H. AZCOM Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine; Co-Chair of MWU AZCOM OMM Research Committee
Early, Nicole CPG Underserved populations; Geriatrics; Scholarship of teaching and learning
Elbayoumi, Tamer CPG Development of nanopharmaceuticals for therapeutic and diagnostic applications
Esfandiarei, Mitra CHS Aortic aneurysm; Marfan Syndrome; Calcium signaling; ER etress response
Finch, Charles AZCOM Clinical emergency medicine, Grief and bereavement, Academic teaching
Fisher, Rod CHS Mental imagery in skill development;  Neurophysiology of learning
Fissel, Schea N CHS ASD; Literacy; Visual cognition; Translational research methods; Eye-tracking; LENA
Francis, John CDMA Clinical periodontics; Periodontal regeneration; Gum disease
Freeman, Denise CHS Biomechanics; Gait analysis; Foot function; Effective teaching and assessment
Gadagkar, Sudhindra CHS Molecular genetics and evolution
Gerber, Dawn Knudsen CPG Geriatric pharmacotherapy; Political advocacy; and herbal/natural products
Goetz, Nellie CVM Zoonotic disease; American Indian health disparities; Shelter medicine & surgery; One Health
Gonzalez, Fernando AZCOM Our laboratory studies the regulation of fungal proteolysis
Griffin, Michael J. AZCOM Obesity and diabetes; Adipose inflammation; Metabolic regulation; phytochemicals
Grossman, Ari AZCOM Paleontology; Paleoecology;  Mammal, primate, catarrhine, and ruminant evolution
Grow, Wade AZCOM Neuromuscular synapse development
Gurney, Mary CPG Pharmacy law & public policy; Inter-professional education; Human centered design
Hall, Margaret AZCOM Vertebrate retinal morphology; Visual system function; Mammalian perineal morphology and evolution
Heesy, Christopher P. AZCOM The function and evolution of vertebrate neurosensory structures
Helmuth, Kevin AZCOPT Dry eye diagnosis; Laboratory analysis and treatment and management
Hofmeister, Erik CVM Anesthesia; Evidence-based medicine; Measurement and testing; Pedagogy
Hollingworth, Alexzandra AZCOM Surgical medical education; Geriatric trauma; Pleural effusion after rib fractures
Hoseini, Najmeh CHS Combined application of peripheral and central electrical stimulation 
Hnida, John AZCOM Parasitology; coccidia; Apicomplexa; taxonomy; Systematics
Hull, Elizabeth CHS Cutaneous cancers; Epigenetic mechanisms of carcinogenesis; Liquid biopsies
Jackowski, Rebekah CPG Disease prevention & health promotion; Student dev; Ambulatory and community pharm practice
Jaffe, Michael CVM Study of nanocomposites for use in suture-less tissue welding of colon
Jansen, Kate CHS Health psychology; Integrated primary care; Sexual health; Communication and burnout in medical settings
Jenkins, David Williams CHS Special Olympics; Exercise and Diabetes; Barefoot Running; Hiking with Diabetes
Jensen, Lauritz A AZCOM Canine Giardiasis;  Microbial contaminants;  Silicon dioxide electron microscopy
Jentarra, Garilyn AZCOM Rett syndrome and MeCP2 mutations; Alzheimer's disease and APOE4; Mouse models
Johnson, Derrik CDMA General dentistry, pre-clinical
Jones, Carleton CHS Effect of the renin-angiotensin system on immune responses to spinal cord injury
Jones, Douglas AZCOM The role of infection and muscarinic receptors in Alzheimer's Disease
Jones, T.Bucky AZCOM Effect of inflammation on neurodegenerative disease and recovery from CNS trauma
Jordan, Melanie CPG Sterile products; Pharmaceutical compounding; Drug discovery; Natural products
Katzif, Sam AZCOM Gene regulation and protein product function in Staphylococcus aureus
Kaufman, Jason AZCOM Experimental neuroimaging and histology, with application to neurodegenerative disease
Keeney, Mary CHS Speech-language pathology; Clinical interests in school-based practice, including low-incidence disabilities
Koh, Len AZCOPT Pharmacology; Ocular pharmacotherapeutics; Study design and biostatistics
Korch, Shaleen AZCOM Energy deprivation in E. coli and cancer cells, using a synthetic ATP-binding protein
Kozlowski, Michael R. AZCOPT Age-related macular degeneration; Cancer
Kramer, Robert CDMA Ceramic dental materials and CAD/CAM products, Augmented reality (AR) teaching product development
Kreisler, Rachael CVM Surgical complication; Infectious disease; Geographic Information Systems
Lawson, Kathryn AZCOM The role of cadherin cell adhesion proteins in oral tumor development
Lee, Andrew AZCOM Growth, function, & evolution of vertebrate bone
Leyva, Kathryn AZCOM miRNA and cancer; Collective cell migration and EMT
Lorello, David CHS Early activity of burn intensive care patients
Meharry, Michael CDMA Dental materials, focusing mostly on bonding
Mexas, Angela Marie CVM Veterinary clinical trials; immunology; and laboratory animal medicine
Mifflin, Michelle AZCOM IPEP in education & population health; Diabetes; Hyperlipidemia; Chronic pain
Mills, Denise CDMA Studying the affects of student pairing in the clinical setting
Mitchell, John C. CDMA Dental biomaterials and biomechanics; Bioactive glasses; Dental clinical research
Muldoon, Kathleen AZCOM Anatomy; Paleontology; Evolution; GIS; Medical education, Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
Murthy, Ashlesh CVM Characterization of pathogenesis of infectious disease and vaccine development
Myers, Kent CHS Alzheimer's disease
Noah, Donald CVM Epidemiologic studies & translational research
Nydam, Randall AZCOM Investigation of the evolutionary history of lizards, snakes, and sphenodontians
Olson, Christopher R. AZCOM Brain gene expression; Vocal learning; Acoustics; Behavioral neurobiology
Olsen, Mark CPG Design and synthesis of ASPH, FTO, KDM, PHD inhibitors
O'Neal, Suzanne CHS Interventions and home exercise compliance for people with neurologic disorders
Page, Jeffrey CHS Wound healing; Infectious disease; Skin disorders; Rock climbing shoes
Peckham, Alyssa CPG Psychiatry; Substance abuse
Plochocki, Jeffrey AZCOM Skeletal biology; Clinical anatomy
Pogge, Elizabeth CPG Behavioral Modification; Geriatrics; Cardiology; Nutrition
Porzukowiak, Tina AZCOPT Neuro-ophthalmic disease
Potter, Pamela AZCOM Neurotransmission and receptor function in Alzheimer's disease; effects of Alzheimer's drugs
Powell, Jessica CHS Neuropsychology; Neurodegenerative Diseases; Geriatrics; Sports Related Head Trauma
Putnam, Nicole Marie AZCOPT Vision science; optical imaging; Visual performance; Psychophysics; Eye movements
Ratiu, Ileana CHS The effects of TBI on bilingual cognition and language processing
Riede, Tobias AZCOM Behavioral physiology and biomechanics of vocal production in vertebrates
Rodriguez Sosa, Jose R AZCOM Reproductive biology, with a one-health approach; Testicular development and function; Endocrine disruption
Rolf, David CDMA Oral-systemic disease relationships; Implant dentistry; Clinical ethics
Roman, Gretchen CHS Spine and upper limb biomechanics; Statistical analysis of graduation success
Rupp, Michael CPG Medication Safety; Technology Assessment; e-Prescribing; Drug Utilization Review; Pharmacoeconomics
Russell, Byron CHS Companion animal rehabilitation; Plantar fasciits
Sclar, David A. CPG Pharmacoeconomics; Pharmacoepidemiology and health policy
Simons, Erin AZCOM Functional and evolutionary morphology of avian bone
Siu, Trever L CDMA Treatment and chronic management of periodontal disease
Smith, Heather F. AZCOM Craniodental morphology and evolution in humans, nonhuman primates, and turtles
Soby, Scott CHS Environmental microbiology in wetland soils; transition phytobiomes; Chromobacterium; Pseudomonas
Speicher, Mark AZCOM Physician; Medical student performance; Outcomes; Workforce issues
Stackhouse, Nancy CVM Outcomes assessment; Day-one Veterinary skills; Pre-clinic readiness; Empathy
Storjohann, Tara CPG Geriatrics; Hyperlipidemia; Educational research
Struthers, Jason CVM Diagnostic pathology of companion animals and exotic species; Wildlife diseases
Tarr, Ellen AZCOM Comparative immunology; Invertebrate antimicrobial peptides; Defensins
Thangamani, Shankar CVM RNA vaccine development; delivery platforms for vaccines; small molecule inhibitors for infectious diseases; microbiome therapeutics for the treatment of infectious diseases
Townsend, Beth AZCOM Paleontology and paleoecology of middle Eocene North American and Miocene South American mammals
Trowbridge, Tatiyana CDMA Dental lasers; Restorative materials; Cosmetic dentistry
Tullot, Tony AZCOM Skills: anatomic and clinical pathology, and histopathology; Research interests: cancer
Vallejo-Elias, Johana AZCOM Role of caveolin in cellular organization, metabolism, and signaling compartmentation
VandenBrooks, John AZCOM The effects of varying oxygen levels on animal physiology and evolution
Vasudevan, Balamurali AZCOPT Mechanisms of myopia progression and prevention;  Contact lenses and dry eye
Veale, Tina CHS Diagnosis/treatment/neuroscience of autism, communication, and child language disorders
Veltri, Charles CPG Natural Product based drug discovery from phytochemistry and ethnopharmacology
Vinay Janthakahalli, Nagaraj AZCOM Synthetic-lethal interaction studies for cancer therapy
Violand, Melanie CHS Clinical treatment efficacy
Virden, Thomas CHS Biofeedback; Psychopharmacology; Chronic pain; Impact of performance art on well-being
Wellensiek, Brian CHS Non-traditional protein translation; Virus-based vaccines; Genetic engineering
Wissman, Lance CHS Lower extremity anatomical varients and pathologies; Podiatric public health studies
Woehrle, Judith CHS Falls; balance; Musculoskeletal conditions addressing the hip; Education
Wolford, Laura CHS Use of simulation for education; Characterization of vocal pathology; Prosodic variation
Wong, Valerie CVM Canine hemangiosarcoma; Bromodomain inhibitors; Comparative oncology and hemostasis; Canien protein C
Woods, Craig CVM Antivenoms; Antitoxins; T-cell receptor peptides; Immunotherapy; bioscaffolds; Translational research
Woolpert, Darin CHS Literacy; Bilingualism; Child language development and assessment
Yao, Mingyi CPG Mechanism & treatment of cardiovascular disease; Drug development; Thrombospondin1