Downers Grove, IL Faculty Researchers

Chicago College of Optometry (CCO)
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (CCOM)
Chicago College of Pharmacy (CCP)
College of Dental Medicine-IL (CDMI)
College of Health Sciences (CHS)





Ahmed, Ahsan CDMI Bio Ceramics and Implant Dentistry;  CADCAM systems;  Regenerative Endodontics
Anderson, Deborah CHS Professionalism; SoTL; DCD; Measurement in pediatric physical therapy
Andrews, Ellen CCOM Central nervous system injury and repair; Recovery of function after CNS injury
Arellano, Regina CCP Patient education; Student learning; Pharmacists' impact on patient outcomes
Arif, Sally CCP Cardiovascular disease management and global pharmacy education and outreach
Bertini, James CDMI Previous general practice residency at Great Lakes Naval Base and North Chicago VA Hospital
Bhalla, Shaifali CCP Opioid tolerance and withdrawal; endothelin receptors; G-proteins
Bjork, Bryan CCOM Developmental genetic analysis of mouse models of craniofacial birth defects
Bodenstine, Thomas CCOM Breast cancer; Gap junctional intercellular communication
Borchert, Jill CCP Pharmacy education, residency training and ambulatory care practice
Browar, Andrew CDMI Oral and systemic health; Faculty calibration
Bryze, Kimberly CHS Intellectual disability; Sensory processing; Occupational therapist and teacher collaboration
Cech, Donna CHS Pediatric physical therapy; Standardized measurement; Global health and PT practice
Chandar, Nalini CCOM Cancer; Tumor suppressor genes; Osteosarcoma; Osteoblast differentiation; p53; Rb
Ciancio, Mae J. CHS Protective role of heat shock protein 70 in animal models of disease
Conroy, Christine CHS Interprofessional education; Medical services for underserved populations; Diabetes
Cuellar, Megan E. CHS Neurophysiology of swallowing; Mirror neurons; Cognitive-communication disorders
Danielewicz, Brian CDMI Clinical adjunct faculty; Dentist private practice
De Gracia, Pablo CCO Vision science; Contact lenses; Visual performance; Presbyopia; Emmetropization; Ocular movements
Deligio, Daniel CCO Cornea; Contact lens; Ocular prosthetics; Keratoconus; Scleral contact lens
del Toro, Christina CHS Word production in aphasia; Treatment of anomia; Patient and caregiver education
Dillon, Thomas CHS Orthopedic/sports injury; Gait dysfunction; Hip conditions
Dineley, Kirk E. CCOM The roles of calcium and zinc homeostasis in cellular injury
Drahos, Gary CDMI Preclinical curriculum development
D'Souza, Jennifer CCP Pharmacy; Education; Diabetes; Dyslipidemia; Public Health
Edwards, Josh CCOM Diabetogenic effects of environmental toxicants
Egan-Kramer, Mary CDMI Inter professional learning; Use of simulation training and standardized patient interactions
Elliott-Burke, Teri CHS Men's and Women's Health Issues; Pelvic, Bowel & Bladder Dysfunction
Evans, Christian CHS Pathophysiology of obesity; Monitoring community mobility with GPS
Fay, Michael CHS Expression and function of Cullin-5 in cancer; Cadmium toxicity and microRNAs
Fornaro, Michele CCOM Plasticity of the adult central and peripheral nervous system
Gasiorowski, Joshua CHS Tissue engineering and nerve regeneration; Gene therapy; Mechanotransduction
Geaman, Jay CDMI Educational methodology and biomaterials
Gettig, Jacob CCP Pharmacy residency training; eprofessionalism; Educational interventions; Professional development
Gilchrist, Annette CCP Allosteric & biased (pathway selective) modulators of GPCRs.
Goral, Joanna CCOM Histopathology of cancer and role of inflammation in cancer development
Green, David J. CCOM Human evolution and shoulder girdle functional morphology
Green, Jacalyn CCOM Bacterial folic acid catabolism; Role of folic acid in head and neck cancer
Griffin, Brooke CCP Ambulatory care; Women's health; Pharmacists' impact on economic and patient outcomes
Hall, Kathy CHS Continuing professonal development and life-long learning
Hanke, Timothy CHS Falls prevention in older adults; Gait and balance dysfunction
Harpe, Spencer CCP Health outcomes research; research design and, statistics, educational research
Helminski, Janet CHS Atypical benign paroxsymal positional vertigo; Central&peripheral vestibular dysfunction
Henderson, Kyle CCOM Cardio-respiratory physiology and osteopathic manipulative medicine
Higgins, Patricia CHS PA education;  Family Medicine/Urgent Care medicine; Infectious disease
Holland, Christine CHS Interprofessional education 
Inouye, Sandra CCOM Anatomical variation; Orthopaedic surgery; Variation in the postcranial skeleton of humans & primates
Irwin, Kent CHS Professionalism, student safety, education
Jham, Bruno CDMI Oral cancer
Johnson, Valerie CHS Child language development and disorders; Multicultural considerations in child lang development
Joshi, Medha CCP Nanomedicine; Liposomes; Targeted drug delivery for Alzheimer's, stroke and cancer
Jurgens-Toepke, Pamela CDMI Adult higher education curriculum development
Keller, Sarah CHS Gait and balance following stroke; Student professional development; Orthotics and neuroprosthetics
Kiraly-Alvarez, Anne CHS Life skills interventions; Intellectual and developmental disabilities
Kliethermes, Mary Ann CCP Adverse drug events; Medication adherence; Pharmacist integration in new health care models
Knecht-Sabres, Lisa CHS Experiential learning; Inter-professional education; Occupational engagement
Komperda, Kathy CCP Innovative teaching strategies; Impact of the pharmacists' patient care process
Kopf, Phillip CCOM Hyperaldosteronism and hypertension
Kovic, Mark CHS Adult neurorehabilitation and community supports for adults after stroke and brain injury
Kristjansdottir, Kolla CHS Cancer; proteomics; biomarkers; mass spectrometry
Krumdick, Nathaniel CHS Models of behavior change; Social cognition; Applied statistical design
Krzak, Joseph CHS Gait and postural biomechanics; Pediatric orthopaedics; Scholarship of teaching and learning
La Salle, Sophie CCOM Male/female reproduction; genetics of meiosis; mouse models of infertility
Lempicki, Kelly CCP Simulation; Standardized patients; Interprofessional education; Pharmacy education
LePard, Kathy CCOM Pancreatic beta cell GLUT2 transporters as insulin resistance progresses to T2DM
Lynch, Sean CCOM Inflammation; myeloperoxidase; high-density lipoprotein; cardiovascular disease
Mahoney, Wanda CHS Occupational engagement with developmental disabilities; occupational therapy history
Malaiyandi, Latha CCOM Altered cellular calcium and zinc homeostasis in disease processes
Mathew, Reji CDMI Cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT Maxillofacial CT, MRI, Dental implants)
Mayer, Alejandro CCOM Pharmacology and toxicology of marine natural products on brain microglia
McCulloch, Paul CCOM Mammalian diving response; Cardiorespiratory reflexes; Trigeminal nerve
McLaughlin, Milena CCP Drug shortages; HIV/HCV pharmacotherapy; and Educational Research
Miller, Steven CCOM Human craniofacial morphology; Malocclusion; Non-syndromic cleft lip and palate
Mirk, Sean CCP Pharmacy education; Ambulatory care services; Transition of care; Internal medicine
Myftari, Klodiana CCP Multidisciplinary; Pharmacy; Public health; Diabetes; Transition of care; Asthma; CHF; Hypertension
Nagel-Edwards, Karen CCP Pharmaceutical compounding; biotechnology; herbal product analysis
Obucina, Lillian CDMI Professionalism; Legal implications for healthcare professionals in practice
O'Hagan, Kathleen CCOM Neural control of the circulation; exercise and pregnancy
Palmisano, Lisa CCP Ambulatory care pharmacy practice; Chronic disease state and medication management
Patel, Jaini CCP Ambulatory care pharmacy practice, Chronic disease state and medication management 
Phillips, Jennifer CCP Drug information; Herbal products; Leadership; Education research
Plotkin, Balbina CCOM Host signals for biofilm formation; Novel pathways for cancer and microbe therapy
Polisetty, Radhika CCP Antimicrobial stewardship; Antimicrobial resistance; Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics
Porta, Maura CCOM Memory of pregnancy in the uterus; Myometrial contractility; Calcium signaling in cardiac myocytes
Post, Kathleen CHS Augmentative and alternative communication; Pediatric language development; Autism
Poustinchian, Brian CCOM Hospital medicine
Prodoehl, Janey CHS Orofacial pain; TMD; headache; movement dysfunction and musculoskeletal injury
Prozialeck, Walter C. CCOM Mechanisms and biomarkers of cadmium- and drug-induced nephrotoxic injury
Quinones-Boex, Ana CCP Pharmacy workforce; Pharmacy education; Survey-based research
Rabey, Karyne N. CCOM Locomotor mechanics; Aging & nutrition; Orthopedic/anatomical variation studies
Ramos, Mario CDMI Dental materials; Cariology; Dental implants
Ramsey, Kyle H. CCOM Immunity, pathogenesis and genomic biology of chlamydial infections with a focus on animal models
Rebolledo, Julio CCP Medication optimization in diabetes; Foot ulcers; Asthma and COPD
Rhodes, N. Jim CCP Pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics; Pneumonia; Bacterial virulence
Scheetz, Marc CCP Pharmacometrics and translational research for antibiotics in humans and animals
Schmidt, Justin CCP Glycemic control in hospitalized patients and technology use in pharmacy education
Schumacher, Christie CCP Diabetes; Cardiology; Internal medicine; Ambulatory care clinical practice advancement
Seddon, Amanda CCP Hematology; Oncology; Stem cell therapy; Supportive care management in cancer patients
Sigar, Ira CCOM Anaerobic cell culture and infection; Graviola as anti-microbial agent
Simpson, Emily CHS Residential stability for homeless; Life skills interventions for survivors of violence & trauma
Sincak, Carrie CCP Experiential education; Interprofessional education; Nephrology; Hepatology
Singleton, Michelle CCOM Primate morphology; evolution; development with focus on Old World monkey cranial form
Strizzi, Luigi CCOM Embryonic growth factors as prognostic and predictive biomarkers in cancer
Swanson-Mungerson, Michelle CCOM Epstein-Barr Virus; Immunology; Viral Oncogenesis
Swartzendruber, Julie CCOM Allergies; Probiotics; Adaptive immune response
Tiwari, Vaibhav CCOM Viral entry into host cells
Tran, Tran CCP Substance use disorder; Opioids; addiction; Overdose; Naloxone; Health informatics; Nephrology
Todd, Timothy CCP Pediatrics; Pharmacy education; Asthma; and Adherence
Volin, Michael CCOM Rheumatoid arthritis; inflammation; anterior uveitis; reactive arthritis
Vest, Kathleen CCP Ambulatory care pharmacists; Medication management; Women's health; Educational research
Wallingford, Minetta CHS Occupational participation in older adults and preparing students for fieldwork
Williams, Larry CDMI Public health issues to include tobacco, oral health, access to care, and prevention
Woo, Eric CCO Interprofessional education and collaboration; Optometric education; Clinical case studies
Yadav, Naveen Kumar CCO Traumatic brain injury; Attention deficit; Visual evoke potentials
Zavod, Robin CCP Student self-efficacy; LGBTQI healthcare competency; PPCPs in the environment
Zera, Sarah CHS Metacognitive strategy use to improve occupational performance and participation