Downers Grove, IL Faculty Researchers

Chicago College of Optometry (CCO)
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (CCOM)
Chicago College of Pharmacy (CCP)
College of Dental Medicine-IL (CDMI)
College of Health Sciences (CHS)
College of Graduate Studies (CGS)




Research and Scholarly Interests

Arnouk, HilalCGSCancer research, oncology, pathology, immunology, medicine, optometry, oncology, diagnostics, biomarkerdiscovery
Bodenstine, ThomasCCOMBreast cancer; Gap junctional intercellular communication
Bjork, BryanCCOMMouse models of human craniofacial disorders
Chandar, NaliniCCOMTumor suppressor genes p53 and Retinoblastoma in bone cancers
Dineley, KirkCCOMThe roles of calcium and zinc homeostasis in cellular injury
Edwards, JoshuaCGSmetal toxicity; cadmium; diabetes; renal toxicity
Fornaro, MicheleCCOMNeuroplasticity in neurodegenerative diseases
Henderson, KyleCCOMCardio-respiratory Physiology & Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Goral, JoannaCCOMImmune response in cancer
Inouye, SandraCCOMOrthopaedic issues related to growth, function and variation in human anatomy
Green, JacalynCCOMfolic acid and cancer
Kopf, PhillipCCOMHyperaldosteronism and hypertension
La Salle, SophieCCOMMedical Education
LePard, KathyCCOMType 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Lynch, SeanCCOMMyeloperoxidase and oxidation of human high-density lipoprotein (HDL)
Malaiyandi, LathaCCOMAltered cellular calcium and zinc homeostasis in disease processes
Mayer, Alejandro CCOMimmunopharmacology and immunotoxicology of marine natural products
McCulloch, PaulCCOMMammalian Diving Response; Cardiorespiratory Reflexes; Trigeminal Nerve
Mejía-Alvarez, RafaelCGSCa2+ release, ryanodine receptors, IP3-receptors, cathecolaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia.
O'Hagan,KathleenCGSExercise and pregnancy; microRNA, exercise and metabolic disease
Plotkin, BalbinaCCOMBiofilms and Anaerobic metabolism
Porta, MauraCCOMThe epigenetic memory of the uterus, cardiac RyR and development
Prozialeck, WalterCCOMCadmium, Toxicology, Kidney, Vancomycine, Kratom, Medical Marijuana
Ramsey, KyleCCOMImmunity and pathogenesis of chlamydial infections
Singleton, MichelleCCOMPrimate craniofacial evolution
Swanson-Mungerson, MichelleCCOMEpstein-Barr Virus; Immunology; Viral Oncogenesis
Swartzendruber, JulieCCOMAllergies; Probiotics; Adaptive Immune Response
Sigar, IraCCOMGraviola extract efficacy on oral microbes
Maria TrakaCCOMDemyelinating diseases of the central and the peripheral nervous system
Velez-Cruz, RenierCCOMEpigenetic control of DNA repair, genomic instability, and cancer therapy
Volin, MichaelCCOMRheumatoid Arthritis, Osteopathic Menipulative Medicine, Inflammation
Arellano, ReginaCCPAmbulatory Care and Education
Bhalla, ShaifaliCCPOpioid tolerance and withdrawal; endothelin receptors; G-proteins
Gilchrist, AnnetteCCPG protein coupled receptor (GPCR) pharmacology, GPCR/G Protein Interactions, allosteric modulation, biased signaling
Gulati, AnilCCPMost of our scholarly activity has been dedicated to discovering and developing drugs for various diseases. Our interest in research has been focused on endothelin. Some of the biotechnology discoveries related to endothelin made by us are undergoing clinical phase II and III trials. Projects to discover novel mechanism and treatment of disease conditions such as shock and cardiovascular collapse, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetic ketoacidosis, and analgesia are ongoing.
Harpe, SpencerCCPHealth outcomes research; Educational research; Research methods and statistics
Joshi, MedhaCCPNanomedicine; Liposomes; Targeted drug delivery for Alzheimer's, stroke and cancer; LCMS/MS analytical method development
Kolanczyk, DeniseCCPPharmacy education, quality improvement, internal medicine and cardiology
Lempicki, KellyCCPsimulation; interprofessional education
McLaughlin, MilenaCCPDrug shortages; HIV/HCV pharmacotherapy; and Educational Research
Patel, JainiCCPAmbulatory care, medication adherence
Phillips, JenCCPEducational research, Clinician burnout/resilience
Scheetz, MarcCCPPharmacometrics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Infectious Diseases, Antibiotic
Schumacher, ChristieCCPCardiology, Endocrinology, Transitions of Care and Expansion of Ambulatory Care Services
Todd, TimothyCCPAsthma, Pediatrics, Pharmacy Education
Zavod, RobinCCPEducational Research; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Wang, SheilaCCPClinical Infectious Diseases, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Underserved Asian American Health Disparities
Browar, AndrewCDMIOral and Systemic Health; Predoctoral teaching methodology for Periodontics
Egan-Kramer, MaryCDMI-ILSimulated Education and Best clinical practices
Fernandez, Constanza E.CDMICariology, Preventive Dentistry, Remineralization, In vitro and in situ biofilm/caries models
Jham, BrunoCDMIOral cancer
Rocha de Oliveira Carrilho, MarcelaCDMICaries disease; dentin matrix degradation; proteases, proteolytic activity
Williams, LarryCDMITobacco, Geriatrics, Behavior
Puthanveetil, Prasanth NairCGSCardiac diseases, Metabolism, Renal Disorders, Diabetes, Stress Signaling
Anderson, DeborahCHSpediatric physical therapy assessment, scholarship of teaching and learning, professionalism
Campione, ElizabethCHSOncology, Lymphedema
Ciancio, MaeCHSProtective actions of heat shock protein 70
del Toro, ChristinaCHSAphasia and Language Disorders
Dillon, ThomasCHSSacroilliac Joint Dysfunction, Multifidus Muscle Function, and Balance
Elliott-Burke, TeresaCHSSacroiliac joint, multifidus, and diastasis recti abdominis
Evans, Christian CHSMetabolic syndrome, obesity, exercise, diet, inflammation, heat shock proteins, gut microbiota
Fay, MichaelCGSCadmium Toxicity, microRNAs, Biomarkers
Gasiorowski, JoshuaCGSBiomaterial development for tissue engineering; Gene therapy; Mechanotransduction
Hall, KathyCHSContinuing professonal development and life-long learning
Hanke, TimothyCHSMovement dysfunction, Aging, Stroke, Falls, Balance
Hess, JudithCHSAdmissions, Foot/Ankle, Ortho PT
Irwin, KentCHSprofessionalism, clinical decision making, student safety, education
Helminski, JanetCHSBenign Paroxsymal Positional Vertigo, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Postural Control and Balance
Keller, SarahCHSClinical education, Stroke
Knecht-Sabres, LisaCHSEnhancing students' readiness for fieldwork and entry level practice; Adult learning theories; Experiential learning; Inter-professional education; and, Occupational engagement with adults and older adults.
Kiraly-Alvarez, AnneCHSLife skills interventions; Intellectual and developmental disabilities
Kristjansdottir, KollaCGSRole of NPM1 in High-Risk Neuroblastoma. Tamoxifen resistance in Breast Cancer.
Krzak, JosephCHSMovement dysfunction in children with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions
Lee, MichelleCHSOlder Adults, Training, Interprofessionalism
London, LornaCHSIntegrated healthcare, cultural competence, children and race relations
Mahoney, WandaCHSOccupational engagement and history
Martinez-Guryn, KristinaCGSGut Microbiota, Metabolism, Lipid Absorption, Obesity, Diabetes
Miller, Steven CGSHuman craniofacial morphology, Malocclusion, Non-syndromic cleft lip and palate
Perle, JonathanCHSADHD; Disruptive Behavior Disorders; Telehealth; Integrated Healthcare
Piszczor, RachelCHSsleep disorders, anxiety, child and adolescent emotional/behavioral disorders, integrative healthcare, interdisciplinary education and training, self-care in professionals
Post, KathleenCHSAugmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Partner Augmented Input (PAI), aided language modeling, parent centered training, speech generating device
Prodoehl, JaneyCHSOrofacial pain, TMD, headache, movement dysfunction and musculoskeletal injury
Sauer, AnnCHSWomen's Health, Eating Disorders, Self-Injury, Trauma, Program Evaluation and Outcome Assessment
Simpson, EmilyCHSViolence and disability; Homelessness and serious mental illness; Relationship of gender to occupation
Wallingford, MinettaCHSFieldwork education, occcupational engagement for older adults, marginalization and occupational depriviation in vulnerable populations.
Strizzi, LuigiCGScancer, biomarkers, therapeutic targets
Zera, Sarah CHSMetacognitive Strategy Training and Occupational Performance
Adams, KristinCCOEye Movements, Acquired Brain Injuries, Binocular Vision, Strabismus, Amblyopia, Learning Related Visual Problems, Traumatic Brain Injury
De Gracia, PabloCCOPresbyopic Corrections; Myopia Control; Ocular Movements; Contact Lenses
Deligio, DanielCCOCorneal dystrophies/degenerations, medically necessary contact lenses
Mallios, JenelleCCOAmblyopia, Myopia Control, Pediatrics
Rice, SamanthaCCOPediatric and special needs eye care, strabismus, pediatric public health