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Campus Safety and Security, a division of Campus Administration, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Security guards are stationed at the Welcome Center Security Booth along the driveway entering either campus. Security personnel are also stationed in the lobby outside of each campus library. Campus Security is responsible for crime prevention, law enforcement, parking control, and emergency management. Questions regarding Campus Security may be answered through the following location and telephone numbers during regular business hours:

  • Downers Grove Campus: Welcome Center 630/515-7111
  • Glendale Campus: Welcome Center 623/572-3201

As a private institution, Midwestern University has created certain policies and procedures to ensure the rights and safety of its community. Policies, procedures, and regulations outlining, among other things, visitation and use of University property and facilities have been established. Campus visitors must check in with security personnel before visiting campus facilities.

Procedures for Reporting an Emergency or Crime on Campus

Any student who is involved in or witnesses an emergency situation or has been the victim of a threat or crime, including sexual assault or other potentially threatening situations, should contact Campus Security immediately (Downers Grove, dial 7111; Glendale, dial 3201). If Campus Security is contacted in an emergency, they will notify the police and the Dean of Students. The Manager of Residence Life will also be notified if emergencies occur in the evening and on weekends or occur within campus housing. All information is kept strictly confidential. The following is a list of emergency campus telephone numbers.

Information for Crime Victims about Disciplinary Proceedings


The University will disclose to the alleged victim of a crime of violence, or a non-forcible sex offense, the results of any disciplinary hearing conducted by the University against the student who is the alleged perpetrator of the crime or offense upon written request. If the alleged victim is deceased as a result of the crime or offense, the University will provide the results of the disciplinary hearing to the victim's next of kin, if so requested.

Please contact the Dean of Students on your campus for more information.

  • Downers Grove Campus:   630-515-6470
  • Glendale Campus: 623-572-3329


Any employee who believes that he or she has been the target of or observes incidents of workplace violence must report this to his or her supervisor and to Human Resources. In emergency situations supervisors will call the police, notify campus security and call Human Resources. Human Resources will conduct a full and prompt investigation. The University will institute disciplinary action as appropriate and will follow up with the victims and any witness to an incident of work place violence, preserving, to the extent required by law or policy, the privacy interests of those involved. The university will release information related to such reports only on a need-to-know basis.

Please contact the Director of Human Resources for more information:

  • 630-515-7198 / 623-572-3247

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Some important topics that are included in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report are as follows:

  • Crime Reporting
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Timely Warning
  • Notification of Missing Students
  • Campus Crime Statistics
  • Annual Fire Safety Report

Hard copies of any report may also be obtained from the campus office of Safety and Security.

  • Downers Grove campus: Director of Security,  630-515-7217
  • Glendale campus: Assistant Director of Security,  623-572-6475

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