In an effort to better assist our students and answer the most commonly asked questions, we have provided the following information and links regarding the Student Accounts Office.

General Questions

What are your hours and where are you located?

The Student Accounts Office is located in Suite 103 in the Dr. Arthur G. Dobbelaere Support Services Hall on the Downers Grove Campus and in the Barrel III Student Services Building on the Glendale Campus. The office hours for both campuses are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Do you cash personal checks?


How are we billed and when?

Students are billed on a quarterly basis in advance of each quarter. Quarterly notices to view your statement of account are sent to students via email before and after financial aid posts. All students are required to check their MWU email regularly to ensure receipt of all bills and notices.

When do we receive living expense refunds?

Generally, financial aid is credited to students' statement of account before the beginning of the quarter to pay for tuition and fees. Any excess is refunded to the student per the Loan Refund Schedule. Refund dates for each program and each class vary. Refund dates for the current academic year may be accessed via the following links:

Can I pick up my refund check each quarter?

No, students that have not established direct deposit will be mailed a refund check to their address on file and must allow an additional 3-4 weeks for processing. Direct deposit is strongly recommended to avoid any delays.

Click here to set up Direct Deposit

What is a financial HOLD? 

A financial HOLD is placed on a student's account when the bill has a past due balance. A HOLD will prevent you from registering for classes, obtaining transcripts, or receiving your diploma. If your account is currently on HOLD you can go to MWUnet (online.midwestern.edu) and make your payment online. Paying online will automatically remove the HOLD. When paying over the telephone or in-person, there may be a 24 hour waiting period before the hold is removed. Contact the Student Accounts Office if your student account is still on HOLD after you have made a payment.

If I am receiving the military scholarship, but still receive financial aid, how do I receive my refund? 

The Student Accounts Office calculates the amount of financial aid (minus expenses not covered by the military: housing, library fines, meal plans, parking fines, etc.) and refunds the student on the scheduled refund date each quarter.

How does financial aid work?

Generally, financial aid is credited to the student's account before the beginning of the quarter to pay for tuition and fees. Any excess is refunded to the student per the scheduled refund date (IL & AZ). Contact the Financial Aid Office directly for additional information.

Can I make a tuition payment before financial aid posts to my account?

The amount of expected financial aid must be deducted from the balance of tuition and fees before the school can accept payment of the amount that financial aid will not cover. If you do not receive financial aid, you may pay your balance at any time.

Can a spouse or parent inquire about my student account?

Yes, but a student must authorize this release of information. Authorization is completed through the Student Portal. The student may register up to four names and list their relationship to the student. The student must create a unique PIN with a minimum of four alpha/numeric characters. The student must then share their student ID and PIN with all names registered. When anyone calls in they will be asked for this information, even the student. There is an annual redirect on the portal to make sure the information is up to date but the student can make a change at any time.

Online Billing Questions

How can my parents or others make a tuition and fee payment online (third-party payment)?

Students must first enable access by going to MWUnet. After logging in, select "Yes" to allow third-party payments and creates a personal identification number (PIN) that can be shared with a parent or others. From MWUnet, parents or others must select "Public Access," then "Tuition Payment" from the menu. The student's last name, date of birth, and PIN are needed to make a payment.

Do you accept credit cards?

Our office accepts the four major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Payments can be conveniently made online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at MWUnet.

Do you have a payment plan available?

Our office offers an interest-free payment plan that allows you to divide an unpaid balance into equal monthly payments over the course of a quarter. For additional information regarding payment plans, see General Information (click on Tuition, Fees & Payment Options under the appropriate campus.)

Can I enter banking information from a non-U.S. banking financial institution?

Non-U.S. banking/financial institutions cannot be used to make a payment.

When will my billing statement be available for viewing?

For new students, you can begin viewing your electronic statement as soon as you have been billed for tuition and fees (approximately three to four weeks before the beginning of your first quarter). Thereafter, you will be notified by email as new statement activity generates.

Will I see the entire billing statement?

You can by changing the calendar options at the bottom of your statement of account. This will allow you to view your entire history.


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