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One of our goals at Chicago College of Optometry is to ensure that our students get the most out of their rotation experiences, which also means that our preceptors have the most up to date resources available to them. Below you will find resources that will provide you with the guidance and support that you need to be successful as one of our preceptors- current or prospective. Please bookmark this page, so you can access it whenever necessary. 

Primary Links

Meditrek Login Page (for current preceptors)  - Access to Student Evaluations, External Rotation Manual, Grading Rubrics
RMS Login Page  (for current preceptors) - Access to Student Assignments and Student Contact Information
Prospective Preceptors  - Application form and benefits of being an MWU preceptor


MWU Library Access (PDF)
RMS Account Set Up Instructions (PDF)

Rotation Calendars


Preceptor Development and Continuing Education

Precepting Tips and CCO News - Quarterly Newsletters
Continuing  Education Programs - Current and Upcoming CE Events and Registration

Links of Interest

Illinois Optometric Association
American Optometric Association
Optometry Education Initiative - Teaching Tool with Training Modules. COPE credit is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access RMS?

You can find RMS on the internet at You will need your login information, which should have been provided to you.

How do I access library resources?

Visit our website at and use the same login information you use to access RMS. 

I cannot remember my login or password for RMS. Who can help me?

One way is to click on "Lost Password" on the login page, which will provide you directions on login information recovery. A second way is to contact to Midwestern Support at 623-232-4357. 

How do I complete my student's mid-point/final evaluations?

Log into Meditrek > Click on 'Display Pending Evaluations' > Locate your student > Click on 'Due' > Complete the evaluation and offer comments where indicated > Click 'Submit'. There is an option to save as a draft, but please be sure to submit when evaluations are due.

When are evaluations due?

Midterm evaluations are due 3 days after the midpoint. Final Evaluations are due the last day of rotations but can be submitted no later than the following Monday. Final grades need to be submitted to the registrar by the following Tuesday, or the student may receive an 'Incomplete' for their grade.

Where can I find my student's contact information?

Log into RMS > Under the 'Rotations' tab you will see all of the students assigned to you > Click on the student's name

A preceptor has left or joined our site. Who do I tell?

Please contact our Assistant Director of Rotations, Dr. Daniel Deligio, at, or Sr. Administrative Assistant, Nadine Antonio, at

How can I see a list of students assigned to me?

Log into RMS, and under "Rotations" you will see the rotation schedule. All of the students assigned to your site will be listed here. You can also click on the name of the student and/or site to obtain additional information about the entity. 


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