Preceptor Frequently Asked Questions

Preceptor FAQs

How do I access RMS?

You can find RMS on the internet at: You will need to begin with your login information.

How do I access library resources?

There are two ways to access library resources. On the OEE website go to the Preceptor Resources page and scroll down to "Library Resources." The second way is go to your portal in RMS and scroll down to the Website link and click on "Library Resources."

I'm on vacation. Who else can complete my student's evaluation?

A student's evaluation must be completed by someone who has been approved as a preceptor by Midwestern University College of Pharmacy - Glendale, and has spent a significant amount of time with the student in order to grade him/her fairly. Please contact our office if someone other than the assigned preceptor will be completing the evaluation.

Where can I find my student's contact information?

  1. Log into RMS
  2. Under the "Rotations" tab you will see all of the students assigned to you
  3. Locate your student and click on the student's name

How can I see a list of students assigned to me?

Log into RMS, and under "Rotations" you will see the rotation schedule. All of the students assigned to your site will be listed here. You can also click on the name of the student and/or site to obtain additional information about the entity.

I want to nominate a student for a professionalism award. How do I do that?

It is always wonderful to hear what a great job our students do at their rotation sites. Keep your eyes open for a forwarded email nomination announcement.

A preceptor has left our facility. Who do I tell?

Please contact our office and we will update the changes in RMS, usually within 48 hours.

A pharmacist has joined our facility and would like to become a preceptor. What do they do?

Please have the preceptor complete a Preceptor Application Packet (WORD fillable form), and return it to us with a recent copy of his/her CV or resume. Our office will let you know as soon as the application has been processed.

I am leaving my current site, but I still want to precept when I move. What do I do?

Please contact OEE by phone 623-572-3557 or email at


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