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Adam Fried, Ph.D. completed his graduate training in clinical psychology at Fordham University. Before joining Midwestern University, Dr. Fried was the assistant director of the Fordham University Center for Ethics Education, which conducts ethics-based research and administers undergraduate and graduate academic programs. While at Fordham, Dr. Fried served as the director of the MA Ethics and Society program and the Interdisciplinary Minor in Bioethics, was a lecturer in the psychology department, and a member of the training faculty at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital.  Dr. Fried has published and presented research and scholarship on adolescent and young adult mental health and substance use issues, moral stress and job burnout, LGBT health care, and treatment and research ethics.  He is a member of the editorial board for the journal Ethics and Behavior and serves as the Ethics Editor of the Clinical Psychologist (APA, Division 12).  He recently served as a special guest editor of the APA/APAGS journal Translational Issues in Psychology. Dr. Fried has presented his research at national conferences and has been quoted in The New York TimesRolling Stone, Prevention Magazine, The Huffington Post and ABC News on topics related to clinical psychology.  

Program Director

Glendale, AZ

College of Health Sciences - AZ

Behavioral Sciences

Clinical Psychology

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Fordham University | 2007 | Ph.D.
Fodham University | 2003 | M.A.

Courses Taught

PSYCG 1572 Psychopathology:  Anxiety and Personality Disorders

PSYCG 1570 Psychopathology: Child and Adolescent 

PSYCG 1610 Diversity in Clinical Psychology

PSYCG 1735 Practice Management Issues



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