John A Hnida, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Glendale, AZ

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Associate Professor

Glendale, AZ

College of Graduate Studies - AZ
College of Veterinary Medicine
Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine
College of Pharmacy
Glendale Campus

Microbiology & Immunology

Osteopathic Medicine
Veterinary Medicine

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University of New Mexico | 1998 | Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee | 1985 | M.S.
Arizona State University | 1974 | B.S.


I work on the taxonomy of the coccidian parasites of vertebrates. Most of my research focuses on the coccidia of wild rodents, reptiles, and birds. 


Hnida, J.A. 2019. A new species of Eimeria Schneider, 1885 (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from Harris’s antelope squirrel Ammospermophilus harrisii Audubon and Bachman (Rodentia: Sciuridae). Systematic Parasitology 96:111-115.

McAllister, C.T, and J.A. Hnida. 2019. A new eimerian (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from the barn swallow, Hirundo rustica (Aves: Passeriformes: Hirundinidae), in southeastern Oklahoma: the fourth eimerian species from New World Passeriformes. Journal of Parasitology 105: 693-696.

McAllister, C.T., J.A. Hnida, E.T. Woodyard, and T.G. Rosser. 2019. Eimeria species (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from great horned owls, Bubo virginianus (Gmelin) (Aves: Strigiformes) from Arkansas and Oklahoma, U.S.A., with novel molecular information on Eimeria bubonis Cawthorn & Stockdale, 1981. Systematic Parasitology 96:695-702. 

Hnida, J.A. 2018. Eimeria maricopensis n. sp. (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from the Arizona cotton rat Sigmodon arizonae Mearns (Rodentia: Cricetidae) in central Arizona, USA. Systematic Parasitology 95:301-307. 

McAllister, C.T., J.A. Hnida, and H.W. Robison. 2018. A new coccidian parasite (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae: Eimeria) from the southern black racer, Coluber constrictor priapus (Reptilia: Ophidia: Colubridae) from Arkansas, USA. Acta Parasitologica 63:558-562.