Melanie A. Jordan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Glendale, AZ

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Associate Professor

Glendale, AZ

College of Pharmacy
Glendale Campus

Pharmaceutical Sciences


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Virginia Commonwealth University - Medical College of Virginia | 2002 | Ph.D.
University of Arizona | 1995 | B.S.

Courses Taught

PSCIG 1540: Pharmaceutical Calculations

PSCIG 1542: Pharmaceutics II (sterile products)

PSCIG 1564: Pharmacokinetics

PSCIH 1654: Sterile Products (elective)


Jordan, M.A., Choksi, D., Lombard, K. and Patton, L.R. (2019) Development of Guidelines for Accurate Measurement of Small Volume Parenteral Products Using Syringes. Hosp. Pharm. (ePub ahead of print)

Jordan, M. and Harmon, J.  (2015) Pharmacist interventions for obesity: improving treatment adherence and patient outcomes. Int. Pharm. Res. Pract. 4:79 – 89.

Jordan, M. and Elbayoumi, T.E. (2013) Phosphorylcholine-based biomemetic coatings for nanomedical applications. J. Membr. Sci. Tech. 3(1):1-3.

M. Jordan, A. Nayel, B. Brownlow and T. Elbayoumi. (2012) Development and Evaluation of Tocopherol-Rich Argan Oil-Based Nanoemulsions as Vehicles Possessing Constructive Anticancer Activity. J. Biomed. Nanotech. 8(6): 944-56.

Melanie A. Jordan, Katherine Foster, Anshu Ghandi, Negin Mohebbi, and Leila Tehrani. (2011) Assessment of Herbal Weight Loss Supplement Counseling Provided to Patients by Pharmacists and Non-Pharmacists in Community Settings. J. Amer. Pharm. Assoc. 51: 499-509.

M.A. Jordan and T. Haywood. (2007)  Evaluation of Internet Websites Marketing Herbal Weight-Loss Supplements to Consumers. J. Alt. Comp. Med.13(9): 1035-1044.

M.L. Chavez, M.A. Jordan, and P.I. Chavez. (2006) Evidence-Based Drug-Herbal Interactions. Life Sci. 78: 2146-57.