Student Immunizations 

Midwestern University, the Department of Public Health and the hospitals participating in our rotation and preceptor programs mandate that students provide proof of required immunizations.  This requirement is in place to protect both you and your clients, in school and in the clinics.  Please refer to the Student Immunization Checklist on your Student Portal under the Student Services tab.  The immunizations that are listed there are what your program is required to have.  Upload documentation of your immunizations to your Student Portal.

Arizona Immunizations Requirements

Illinois Immunizations Requirements


Proof of immunity to a disease is determined through a blood test called a titer, which is performed after receiving vaccinaions for a particular disease or after one has qcquired a particular disease.  All Clinical students must have quantitative titer levels that indicate immunity (circulating levels of antibodies in the blood) to a disease even if they have had the disease or have been vaccinated against that disease.  Some childhood immunizations do not confer lifetime immunity to a disease, so the titer level may indicate that re-immunization against the disease is necessary. 

Health insurance doesn't always cover blood titers so please be aware of this and check before you have them done as they can be costly.  Please note that you have 30 days from the start of classes to complete the titers. If you will have the Aetna student insurance the titers are covered.  If you have your own insurance we have a discount rate available through a local lab.  

Student Health Status Form

All incoming students are required to have a physical examination.  Please have your physician complete and sign the Student Health Status Form.  You can find this form on your portal under the Student Services tab and then forms and information.  Completed and signed forms must be uploaded through your online student portal.

How To Upload Documents

  • Log in to the Midwestern University Student Portal
  • Click on the heading for Student Services
  • Under the General Information tab select Forms & Information
  • Select Documentation Upload
    1. This will take you to the place where you upload your documentation.
    2. The instructions for uploading your documents are located on this page. If you hover over one of the categories, the information for the category will appear.
    3. Documents must be in a PDF format
    4. Create separate PDF files for each immunization requirement and upload them to the appropriate category
      1. Flu Shot
      2. Student Health Status Form
      3. TB Testing
      4. Tdap/Tetanus
      5. Titers
      6. Vaccines

We will review your UPLOADED laboratory documents and send you emails concerning completion of the necessary requirements.  Although copies are maintained by MWU electronically, we recommend you keep a copy of all of your records.

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