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Tutoring Overview

Midwestern University offers small group peer-tutoring services through the Office of Student Services. Tutoring is available during all academic years and is designed to help enhance test-taking skills, modify study habits, and/or focus on critical material and content. Peer tutoring services serve as an additional academic support and do not take the place of class attendance, face-to-face meetings with faculty/course directors, or meetings with peer study groups.  Students who request tutoring services must regularly attend classes and meet with faculty prior to being approved for tutoring. Tutoring is an active learning process and students are expected to come prepared for all tutoring sessions.  This includes communicating your needs ahead of time to your tutor and bringing questions to the tutoring session.

Tutoring Eligibility

Students who are in academic jeopardy in a course will be given priority in the tutoring program. Academic difficulty is defined by the college, however, students typically need to be failing or near failing in order to be approved for tutoring. In CHS and CGS only, students who fail to achieve the required grade point average may also request tutoring assistance.  Students may not be eligible or may lose eligibility to receive a tutor if their test scores improve, or if the student fails to meet the requirement of attending lecture, laboratory and workshop sessions.

Request a Tutor

A student can initiate a request for tutoring services through a faculty member, a representative from the appropriate dean’s office, or the Office of Student Services. A student must obtain from, and submit a tutoring request form to, the Office of Student Services. In order for tutoring to be approved, the Office of Student Services needs to have the approval from the appropriate course director or designated representative of the academic dean’s office, based on the student’s academic needs. Any student who is in academic difficulty in a course will be given priority in the peer tutor program.  Tutor request forms are available in the Office of Student Services and on the Student Services/Tutoring webpage.

Guidelines for Using a Tutor

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Become a Tutor

All requests to become a tutor must be approved and must originate in the Office of Student Services. The Office of Student Services will then obtain the appropriate college administrative approval for that student. Students must be able to communicate effectively, have mastered the course material, and be in good academic and professional standing. Tutors receive an hourly honorarium for their services. Tutors must be registered in the Office of Student Services prior to serving as a tutor in order to be eligible for reimbursement. Tutor applications are available in the Office of Student Services and on the Student Services/Tutoring webpage.

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