Employment and Payroll Forms

Information for New Federal Work-Study Students

Students that are new to the Federal Work-Study program must complete payroll forms and the appropriate FWS employment approval form. Please return these forms directly to the Office of Student Financial Services and bring forms of ID in order to be placed on payroll. Acceptable forms of identification can be found on the back of the I-9, Employment Verification form.

We have put together these convenient packets for you to print out and complete prior to coming into the Office of Student Financial Services. These packets are also available in the Office of Student Financial Services. 

FWS Paperwork Packet

2023-2024 Academic Year


Click here to find and print the appropriate job description. This document should be added and submitted as part of your packet by the FWS Supervisor.

Student Employee Paper Timesheets

Use this form to record hours worked. *This form must be signed by the student and his/her supervisor before submitting it to the Office of Student Financial Services.

UltiPro Time Management System

Midwestern University uses the UltiPro time management system. FWS students should use UltiPro to record their time for all primary On-Campus positions. This will be most of the FWS positions students work.  This will not impact Off-Campus FWS students. Off-Campus FWS students will still submit paper timesheets on a bi-weekly basis.  What this means for On-Campus FWS students.

You have two options to record your time:

  1. Use one of the time clocks on campus (in every building) - this option will be used by swiping your ID CARD over the time clock
  2. Or record your time in the web-based site of the UltiPro system - you must log-in online (link is on your student portal under resources or a direct link is included below) and click on "Time Clock Entry", then click on "Punch" when you start working and again when you stop.

You will need to swipe twice for each shift:

  1. Time in: One swipe at a time clock or online punch in at the beginning of your shift
  2. Time out: One swipe at a time clock or online or punch out at the end of your shift
  • You will need to work with your supervisor to add any missing punch-in or punch-outs during the pay-period
  • You will need to have all your time in and corrected by the last day of the pay-period (every other Saturday)
  • Your time must be approved by your supervisor
  • If you have multiple FWS jobs on campus you will still need to submit a paper timesheet on a bi-weekly basis for your non-primary position(s).  

Setting up ULTIPRO (first-time users)

You can access UltiPro login via Midwestern's portal at online.midwestern.edu 

  1. From the "Resources" section on the homepage, click the UltiPro icon (please note: it can take 24 hours to appear after hiring)
  2. Users will enter their MWU PIN Number and click "Continue"
  3. Authorize the single sign on account with UltiPro by entering in: DOB, Last Name, SSN and click "OK"
  4. The following message will display: "Your activation is almost complete. Please check your email with next steps"
  5. At this point, do not close the browser. Continue with the next steps using the same browser
  6. An email will be sent with a link to finalize the SSO setup
  7. Copy the link from the email by right-clicking it, and selecting "Copy Hyperlink" and paste into the current web browser

For more guidance, please refer to the UltiPro Employee Guide, which has specific instructions and information on time clock locations for both the campuses.

Here is an informational video on how to use the UltiPro (Please review the videos):

Additional Forms

Federal Work-Study Job Description Form - for supervisors only


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