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Chicago College of Pharmacy

Midwestern University alumni stay connected to each other and the University through events held during the year and across the country. Why not join us at future MWU alumni receptions, fundraisers, and continuing education programs?

2014 - 2015 CCP Alumni Council


The mission of this Association is to create a mechanism for graduates of the Chicago College of Pharmacy (CCP) to further professional opportunities, continue friendships, participate as a mentor, and to enhance the educational opportunities of any member of the CCP program of Midwestern University, including students, faculty and alumni. This Association will maintain a close relationship with CCP and the University as a whole to ensure that the above objectives are met.

Council Members

Abimbola A. Akinlawon, Pharm.D. '06 - President 
Chase Williams, Pharm.D. '06 - President Elect
Dawn Koselleck, Pharm.D. '06 AGO - Past President

Laura Bloodgood, R.Ph. '97
Megan Corrigan, Pharm.D., BCPS. '06
Negin Kiyavash, Pharm.D. '04
Paul Setlak, PharmD '06
Shan Siddique, Pharm.D. '14
Sarah Slater, Pharm.D. '12
Melissa Watkins, Pharm. D. '06
Sarah M. Wieczorkiewicz, Pharm.D., BCPS '05
Malgorzata E. Zielonka, Pharm.D. '05

Alumni Awards

Nomination Requirements
As part of the nomination form, nominators must submit a 250 word or more statement establishing the candidate's qualifications with clear and concise detail as to why he/she should be selected for the award.

Incomplete nomination packets will not be considered. All nominations are due by July 1 and will be presented at the annual fall alumni event.

Nomination Form

CCP Alumnus of the Year
This award recognizes an alumnus who has worked to promote the presence and reputation of the Chicago College of Pharmacy. The recipient is one who has made significant contributions to the profession of pharmacy and/or to the community and has been publicly acknowledged by another organization for their leadership and service.

CCP Alumni Service Award
This award recognizes an alumnus for outstanding service to the Chicago College of Pharmacy. Service includes precepting students, interviewing prospective students and participating in alumni council activities.    

Rising Star Alumni Award
This award recognizes an alumnus with five or less years of pharmacy practice for their outstanding service to the profession, clinical practice, scholarship, or teaching.  This award also recognizes the recipient's potential for future activities.

CCP Alumnus of the Year Award Recipients

Year Awarded

CCP Alumni

Class Year


Amir Masood, Pharm.D.



Edward Cohen, Pharm. D.



Sheri L. Stensland, Pharm.D.



Susan Cornell, Pharm.D.



Timothy Todd, Pharm.D.



Lynette Audickas, Pharm.D.



Elaine Ladd, Pharm.D.



Amber Briggs, Pharm.D.



Charles Turck, Pharm.D.



Bryan Kuhn, Pharm.D.



Jennifer D'Souza, Pharm.D.



Sarah M. Wieczorkiewicz, Pharm.D., BCPS


Midwestern University Regional Receptions

Consistent with our mission to enhance relationships with alumni and inspire affinity and philanthropic support, the Office of Development & Alumni Relations has made it a priority to work with interested alumni to co-host Regional Alumni Receptions.

The benefits of holding Regional Alumni Receptions include providing alumni with updates about academic programs, sharing facility improvements on campus and providing opportunities for alumni to mix and mingle. Remarks by the co-host, key faculty and representatives of the Office of Development & Alumni Relations are part of the evening.