Aryeh Grossman Ph.D.

Department of Anatomy

  Midwestern University
  Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine
  Department of Anatomy
  Agave 201G
  19555 59th Ave
  Glendale, AZ 85308
  Office: (623) 572-3335
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B.S. Anthropology University of Toronto 1998
Ph.D. Anthropology Stony Brook University 2008


I am a paleontologist; I study the evolution of mammals over geologic time using living mammals and the fossil record. I am primarily interested in the evolution of modern African and Eurasian mammals. My work focuses on the composition and structure of mammal communities of the Early Miocene (~23.5-16 million-years ago) in Africa and the Middle East. The Early Miocene is the time period when many modern mammal families, including our own - the Hominoidea, first evolved. Mammal communities provide a wealth of information about local conditions and global climate, both of which play a major role in shaping evolution.

As an associate professor of Anatomy at Midwestern University, I teach human anatomy to medical and other health sciences students. I also teach clinical and comparative mammalian anatomy to veterinary students. I am also the coordinator of the anatomical labs outreach program which engages in providing opportunities for enrichment to various students and professionals from outside of Midwestern University.