Selected Publications

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Rowan, J. Adrian, B. & Grossman, A. (2015) The First Skull of Sivameryx africanus (Anthracotheriidae, Bothriodontinae) from the Early Miocene of East Africa.  Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 35:3, e928305,

Grossman, A. Liutkus-Pierce, C. Kyongo, B. and M'Kirera, F. (2014). New Fauna from Loperot contributes to the understanding of Early Miocene catarrhine communities.International Journal of Primatology 35(6):1253-1274

Grossman, A. and Solounias, N. (2014) New Fossils of Giraffoidea (Mammalia: Artiodactyla) from the Lothidok Formation (Kalodirr Member, Early Miocene, West Turkana, Kenya) Contribute to our Understanding of Early Giraffoid DiversityZitteliana B 32:1-8

Kaufman, JA. Turner,GH. Holroyd, PA. Rovero, F. and Grossman, A. (2013) Brain Volume of the Newly-Discovered Species Rhynchocyon udzungwensis (Mammalia: Afrotheria: Macroscelidea): Implications for Encephalization in SengisPLoS ONE 8(3), e58667.

Leakey, M. Grossman, A. Gutiérrez, M. and Fleagle JG. (2011) Faunal change in the Turkana Basin during the late Oligocene and MioceneEvolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News, and Reviews 20:238-253.