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Application to the donor program does not constitute acceptance into the program.  Every effort will be made to accept the donor body; however, Midwestern University Body Donation Program or its representative may, at its sole discretion, decline a donation at the time of death. The durable power of attorney/next of kin/donor agent must be prepared to make alternative disposition arrangements (including all associated expenses) in the event that donation is declined.  

 The following is a list of conditions or criteria that will exclude a donation to the program.

  • persons younger than 18 years of age
  • death occurring outside the State of Arizona
  • delay in notifying program of donor’s death
  • case pending Medical Examiner
  • autopsy or excessive trauma/damage to body (at program's discretion)
  • suicide
  • amputations (at program's discretion)
  • organ transplants (other than corneas)
  • unhealed major surgery prior to death 
  • obesity (see chart below) and height exceeding 6’5” restrictions
  • emaciation (excessive weight loss)  
  • excessive edema
  • extreme jaundice
  • pressure ulcers (bed sores) (at program’s discretion)
  • active or history of hepatitis B & C or HIV/AIDS
  • communicable diseases (active COVID, tuberculosis, Creutzfeldt-Jakob, MRSA)

 Midwestern University Body Donation Program may decline a donation if the donation exceeds program space limitations or capacity.


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