CSC Resources

 SIMULATORS  Description and Quantity (#)
CAE Metiman METIman® Simulator: (3) - Located in separate Simulation Suites 
CAE Lucina Lucina Maternal Fetal Simulator: (1) - Located in 1 Labor/Delivery Suite

HAL Neonatal: (1) - Located in separate Simulation Suite 
CAE Baby Baby Simulator: (1) - Located in separate Simulation Suite 
CAE Pediatric Pediatric Simulator: (1) - Located in separate Simulation Suite 

Task Trainers

 ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY  Description and Quantity (#)

 LapVR (Laparoscopy Trainer: (1) 

  User Guide

Lap Box Trainer

Laparoscopic Box Trainer: (2)

 SimScopes – heart/lung sounds: (6)

  User Guide

 Sonosite Ultrasounds w/ Transducers: (8)

  User Guide

 Vimedix OBGYN Ultrasound Trainer: (1)

  User Guide

 Student Auscultation Manikins (SAM): (5)
 AIRWAY/PULMONARY  Description and Quantity (#)

 Adult Intubation Heads: (10)


 Cricothyrotomy Trainers: (6)

 GlideScopes: (4)

  Quick Start Guide

  GlideScope Manual

 Paracentesis/Thoracentesis Trainer: (1)

 Ultrasound Guided Chest Tube Trainers: (4)

  User Guide

 BONE/JOINT/musculoskeletal  Description and Quantity (#)
 Hydrocullator: (1)

 Ingrown Toenail Trainers: (7)

  User Guide

 Joint Injection Trainers (Knee): (5)

  User Guide

 Joint Injection Trainers (L Elbow): (2)

  User Guide

 Joint Injection Trainers (Shoulder): (4)

  User Guide

 Paraffin Wax: (1)
 Therapeutic Ultrasound (non-image): (1)
 BREAST  Description and Quantity (#)

 Double Breast Models: (2)

  User Guide

Breast Trainer

Breast Exam Trainer w/Pathology: (6)

User Guide

 CARDIOVASCULAR  Description and Quantity (#)

 Arterial Puncture Trainers (elec pump): (2)

  User Guide

 Arterial Sticks w/ IM inj. (manual pump): (4)

  User Guide

 Blood Pressure Trainers: (8)

  User Guide

  Setup Guide

 Central Venous Access Trainers: (7)

Electrocardiograms (ECG)

 Electrocardiograms (ECG): (6)

  User Guide

 Femoral Line Access Trainers: (4)

  User Guide

 IV/Venipuncture Arms: (38)

  User Guide

 IV Poles: (12)
 GASTROINTESTINAL  Description and Quantity (#)
 Nasogastric Tube Trainers (cross-section): (4)
 GENITOURINARY  Description and Quantity (#)

 Advanced Birthing Pelvis Trainers: (3)

  User Guide

Advanced OB Susie Trainer  Advanced OB Susie Trainers: (3)
Peritoneal Repair Trainer: (3)

 Cervical Dilatation/Effacement (CDE) Trainer: (6)

  User Guide

Female Catheterization Trainer

 Female Catheterization Trainers: (7)

  User Guide

Male Cath Trainer

 Male Catheterization Trainers: (7)

 Female Pelvis Trainers: (7)

 Model-Med Gynecological Trainer: (2)

  User Guide

 General Pathology Transvaginal Ultrasound Model: (1)

  User Guide

Intrauterine/Ectopic Pregnancy Transvaginal
Ultrasound Model: (1)
Female (Small Adult) Pelvis Trainer  Female (Small Adult) Pelvis Trainer: (3)

 Male Rectal/Prostate Trainers: (7)

Prostate Models  Prostate Models: (10)

 Suprapubic Male/Female Catheterization Trainers: (2)

  User Guide

 NEUROLOGY  Description and Quantity (#)

 Adult Lumbar Puncture Trainers: (4)

  User Guide

PEDIATRIC  Description and Quantity (#)
Baby Hippy

 Baby Hippy Trainers (Ortolani & Barlow): (2)

  User Guide

Pediatric AirSim

 Pediatric AirSim: (4)

  User Guide

Baby AirSim

 Baby AirSim: (4)

  User Guide

 Infant Circumcision Trainers: (2--light/dark)

 Pediatric Lumbar Puncture Trainer: (1)

  User Guide

 SUTURE  Description and Quantity (#)
 Surgical Suture Training Boards (no pads): (4)
 VET SIMULATORS  Description and Quantity (#)
 Breed’N Betsy (Water Rectums): (3)
 Canine Leg Venous Access Trainers: (10)
 Critical Care Jerry: (12)
 Dystocia Calves (for use with full cow): (2)
 Equine Birthing Simulator (full horse): (1)
 Equine GI Tract (for use with full horse): (1)
 Equine Venous Access Trainers: (4)
 Haptic Cow: (2)
Haptic Horse  Haptic Horse: (1)
 Hereford Dystocia Simulator (full cow): (1)

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