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Lactation/Mother's Rooms

Glendale Hall - Room 212 (Only available to students & employees)
Includes accessibility by badge only, occupancy indicator, curtain for added privacy, comfy chair, small table with lamp, sign-in binder, mini-fridge, magazines and tissues, and hand sanitizer.  There is a restroom down the hall for washing accessories.

For access: Students contact Student Services at 623-572-3210; Employees contact Human Resources at 623-572-3208.


Wellness Recreation Hall - Room 102 (Only available to students & employees at this time)
Includes a lockable door with a "Do Not Disturb" door hanger, rocking chair, small table with sign-in binder, sanitizing wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, magazines and a mini-fridge.  Restroom is down the hall for washing accessories.  First Come; First Served.

Animal Companion Clinic (Only available to students & employees)-must call ahead and ask for Liz Jimenez at 623-806-7400.
Includes an occupancy door hanger, three chairs, a small table, and a mini-fridge.


Changing Table Locations

Wellness & Recreation Hall – Women’s and Family RR

Cactus Clubhouse – Men’s and Women’s RR

Barrell II – Men’s and Women’s RR

Barrel I – Men’s and Women’s locker room/RR

Ocotillo first floor – Men’s and Women’s RR


24 Hr Student Study Lounge

Located in Barrel I 
Includes several cubicle-style desks (To ensure social distancing, every other desk is available).


Chanen Interfaith Chapel

Located just south of the Auditorium.  The Chapel is open thru badge access Saturday-Sunday, 6am-8pm.

Photo Gallery
Stained Glass
Make a Gift


Snacks & Drinks

There are vending options all over campus.  
Locations: Barrel II, Wellness Recreation Hall, Ocotillo Hall, Cholla Hall, Glendale Hall and Sahuaro Hall.

Some buildings also have small lounges with microwaves for the students to warm up their lunches.


Outdoor Amenities

Ramada (a.k.a. Pavilion)

A great place for studying or enjoying your lunch outside.  It includes a grill, misters, fans, and several picnic tables.  This is the location for many outdoor events.

Outdoor Seating

There's outdoor seating available all over campus.  A lot of it is also shaded.

Sand Volleyball Court

Students can use this court any time there is not a reservation or Intramural Sports is not using it.  There's volleyballs at the court in a container or they can bring their own.  There are also benches on either side of the court.

Basketball Court

The court is always open.  There are 6 baskets good for full court, half-court, 1 v 1, or shooting around (pick-up games are not permitted at this time).  This is a popular location for some events, such as auctions, fairs, game days etc. Basketballs are available at the court in the bin.  The court is also used for Pickleball.

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