Lab Resources

I share a laboratory with Dr. Mae Ciancio: SH 442. We are equipted for molecular biology and general physiology work. See "research opportunities" for description of research interests.

We have designed our own wheeled cages with odometers for monitoring exercsie.  Also, we use a high (60% kcal from fat) and low fat diet (105 kcal from fat) designed by Reseaarch Diets, Inc. as a model of diet-induced obesity.  We have a transgenic Hsp70 mouse model (gift of Dr. E. Chang, UC) that utilizes the villin promoter, restricting Hsp70 expression to primarily gut epithelial cells.  A unique tool in our lab is a specially designed cage for measuring gut transit over a 24 hour period.  We also have equipment for running Western Blot analysis, a PCR machine, equipment for DNA isolation, purification and amplification, shakers and water baths, pipettes and other standard equipment for molecular biology. We have access to real time PCR and related equipment within the Biomedical Sciences Program and collaborate regularly with Argonne National Laboratories, Lemont, IL for sequencing sercive.  A resource that all of Basic Science and Biomedical Sciences share is a confocal microscope and standard light microbscopy equipment.  See "research opportunities" for description of research interests.