College of Health Sciences

Downers Grove, IL Campus


Physical Therapy Program

The total number of required quarter credits is 169. The first academic year of the professional doctoral curriculum includes four quarters consisting of 64 required course credits (quarter hours). The second academic year of the curriculum is composed of four quarters consisting of 55 required course credits, including 520 clock-hours of clinical education. The third academic year of the curriculum is composed of three quarters consisting of 50 required course credits which includes two clinical practica consisting of 800 clock-hours of clinical education. Clinical experiences take place in various facilities located throughout the continental United States that have legal agreements with the University.

The Midwestern University College of Health Sciences Physical Therapy Program reserves the right to alter its curriculum however and whenever it deems appropriate.

Total Quarter Credits in the Professional Program: 169


First Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:64
Summer Quarter
ANAT 1500Human Gross Anatomy and Embryology7
BIOC 1553Cell and Tissue Structure and Function2
PTHE  1503 Clinical Problem Solving I2
PTHE 1509Medical Terminology0.5
PTHE 1511Biopsychosocial Issues in Healthcare3
PTHE 1512Health Professionalism I2
Fall Quarter
CORE 1599Interprofessional Education I1
PHYS 1510Human Physiology I3.5
PTHE 1513Physical Therapy Roles and Professional Issues I2
PTHE 1515Research3
PTHE 1552Health Promotion I2
PTHE 1577Physical Therapy Evaluation I4
PTHE 1582Kinesiology/Biomechanics I3
Winter Quarter
PHYS 1511 Human Physiology II3.5
PTHE 1514Education Principles3
PTHE 1521Preparation for Clinical Education I1.5
PTHE 1527Clinical Conditions I4
PTHE 1565Physical Therapy Interventions I2
PTHE 1584Kinesiology/Biomechanics II3
Spring Quarter
PTHE 1532Human Neuroscience3
PTHE 1545Life Span Human Development3
PTHE 1566Physical Therapy Interventions II2
PTHE 1578Physical Therapy Evaluation II4

Second Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:
Summer Quarter
PHYS 1637Exercise Physiology3
PTHE 1628Clinical Conditions II3
PTHE 1633Applied Neuroscience3
PTHE 1667Physical Therapy Interventions III3
PTHE 1685Practicum I3
Fall Quarter
PTHE 1601Cardiopulmonary Evaluation and Treatment4
PTHE 1605Clinical Problem Solving II2
PTHE 1608Orthotics2
PTHE 1638Physical Agents I4
PTHE 1679Physical Therapy Evaluation III3
Winter Quarter
PTHE 1622Preparation for Clinical Education II1
PTHE 1639Physical Agents II3
PTHE 1651Management in Physical Therapy Systems4
PTHE 1668Physical Therapy Interventions IV5
Spring Quarter
PTHE 1607Scholarship in Physical Therapy1
PTHE 1686Practicum II11

Third Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:
Summer Quarter
PTHE 1746Pediatric Physical Therapy2
PTHE 1747Human Anatomy II3
PTHE 1750Topics in Physical Therapy Practice3
PTHE 1752Applied Management Skills in Physical Therapy Systems3
PTHE 1769Physical Therapy Interventions V2
Fall Quarter
PTHE 1709Clinical Problem Solving III3
PTHE 1711Prosthetics2
PTHE 1715Physical Therapy Roles and Professional Issues II3
PTHE 1729Essentials of Pharmacology for Physical Therapists2
PTHE 1753Health Promotion II2
Winter Quarter
PTHE 1716Physical Therapy Roles and Professional Issues III1
PTHE 1787Practicum III11
Spring Quarter
PTHE 1708Scholarly Development in Physical Therapy2
PTHE 1788Practicum IV11

Elective Options:
BIOC 1670Clinical Nutrition1
BISC 0512Fundamentals of Research3
PHAR 1410Pharmacological Aspects of Drug Abuse2
PHAR 1420Medical Spanish2
PTHE 1705Advanced Physical Therapy Electives1-4