Arizona College of Optometry

Glendale, AZ Campus


Arizona College of Optometry

The College reserves the right to alter the curriculum as it deems appropriate.

First Year

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:
Fall Quarter
BASI 1501Basic Science Integrated Sequence I4.5
BASI 1502Basic Science Integrated Sequence II4.5
BASI 1503Basic Science Integrated Sequence III4.5
COREG 1560Interprofessional Healthcare0.5
OPTO 1510Clinical Services, Theory & Methods I3
OPTO 1511Contemporary Issues in Health Care and Ethics0.5
OPTO 1522Optometry Business Management I2
Winter Quarter
BASI 1504Basic Science Integrated Sequence IV3
BASI 1505Basic Science Integrated Sequence V5
BASI 1506Basic Science Integrated Sequence VI5
COREG 1570Interprofessional Healthcare0.5
OPTO 1520Clinical Services, Theory & Methods II3
OPTO 1540Geometrical and Physical Optics I4
OPTO  1560 Ocular Anatomy2
Spring Quarter
BASI 1507Basic Science Integrated Sequence VII4
BASI 1508Basic Science Integrated Sequence VIII3
BASI 1509Basic Science Integrated Sequence IX4.5
COREG 1580Interprofessional Healthcare0.5
OPTO 1530Clinical Services, Theory & Methods III3
OPTO 1550Geometrical and Physical Optics II4
OPTO 1580Ocular Physiology2

Second Year

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:
Fall Quarter
OPTO  1620 Visual Science: Monocular Sensory Processing3
OPTO  1630 Ophthalmic Optics I4
OPTO  1640 Ocular Disease I3
OPTO 1650Clinical Services, Theory & Methods IV3
OPTO  1670 Research Design and Biostatistics1
OPTO  1675 Visual Neurophysiology2
PHAR 1601General Pharmacology I3
Winter Quarter
OPTO  1622 Visual Science: Ocular Motility2
OPTO  1632 Ophthalmic Optics II4
OPTO  1642 Ocular Disease II3
OPTO 1648Contact Lens I3
OPTO 1652Clinical Services, Theory & Methods V3
OPTO  1672 Capstone Project: Literature Search and Study Design1
PHAR 1621General Pharmacology II4
Spring Quarter
OPTO 1623Optometry Business Management II2
OPTO  1624 Visual Science: Binocular Vision4
OPTO 1625Visual Optics2
OPTO  1644 Ocular Disease III3
OPTO 1649Contact Lens II3
OPTO 1654Clinical Services, Theory & Methods VI3
OPTO 1655Clinical Services Proficiency1
OPTO 1691Ocular Pharmacology2

Third Year

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:
Summer Quarter
OPTO 1700Clinical Medicine/Physical Assessment Laboratory3
OPTO 1720Diagnosis and Management of Non-strabismic Disorders of Accommodation, Binocular Vision, and Eye Movements4
OPTO 1740Contact Lens III3
OPTO  1760 Capstone Project: Data Collection and Analysis1
OPTO 1770Clinical Services VII7.5
Fall Quarter
OPTO 1722Diagnosis of Strabismus and Amblyopia4
OPTO 1771Clinical Services VIII7.5
OPTO 1785Visual Rehabilitation3
OPTO 1787Neuro-ophthalmic Disease2
OPTO  1790 Clinical Case Analysis I/Evidence Based Medicine2
Winter Quarter
OPTO 1723Treatment and Management of Strabismus and Amblyopia3
OPTO 1725Pediatric Optometry1
OPTO 1772Clinical Services IX7.5
OPTO 1780Board Review: Applied Basic Science3
OPTO  1792 Clinical Case Analysis II/Evidence Based Medicine2
Spring Quarter
OPTO 1724Optometry Business Management III2
OPTO 1726Visual Information Processing, and Vision Related Learning Problems3
OPTO  1745 Epidemiology, Public Health and the Optometric Profession2
OPTO 1761Capstone Project Poster Session3
OPTO 1773Clinical Services X7.5

Fourth Year

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:
Summer Quarter
OPTO 1800Clinical Services XI18
Fall Quarter
OPTO 1810Clinical Services XII18
Winter Quarter
OPTO 1820Clinical Services XIII18
Spring Quarter
OPTO 1830Clinical Services XIV18

Professional Electives
During their enrollment at AZCOPT, students may choose to take elective courses for enrichment. No minimum number of elective credits is required for graduation. Elective options may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Quarter Hours:-
OPTO 1682 A-DSelected Studies1-3
OPTO 1751Study Skills Enhancement2
OPTO 1794 A-DThird Year Clinical Skills Enhancement1-7.5
OPTO 1796Spanish for Optometric Eye Exams1.5
OPTO 1797Sports Vision Workshop1.5
OPTO 1895 A-DFourth Year Clinical Skills Enhancement1-18
OPTO 1896Advanced Specialized Test Interpretation1