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Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine

Instructional Program
As scientists and practitioners of the healing arts, osteopathic physicians subscribe to a philosophy that regards the body as an integrated whole with structures and functions working interdependently. As an extension of this philosophy, osteopathic physicians treat their patients as unique persons with biological, psychological, and sociological needs - an approach that underscores the osteopathic commitment to patient-oriented versus disease-oriented health care.  In recognition of this approach, AZCOM has developed, and continues to refine, a four-year curriculum that educates students in the biopsychosocial approach to patient care, as well as the basic medical arts and sciences.

Within this curricular format, AZCOM students spend their first two years completing a rigorous basic science curriculum and preparing for their clinical studies, including early clinical simulated experiences. During their third and fourth years, students rotate through a variety of clinical training sites accruing 84 weeks of direct patient care experience. By stimulating intellectual curiosity and teaching problem-solving skills, the AZCOM curriculum encourages students to regard learning as a lifelong process.

Total Curricular Hours

First Year


Second Year


Elective Credits


Third Year


Fourth Year




Please Note: The Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine reserves the right to alter its curriculum however and whenever it deems appropriate.

First Year
ANAT 1511Gross Anatomy10
BIOC 1511Biochemistry I7
BIOC 1522Biochemistry II4
CORE 1560Interdisciplinary Healthcare0.5
CORE 1570Interdisciplinary Healthcare0.5
CORE 1580Interdisciplinary Healthcare0.5
FMED 1531Clinical Ethics/Medical Jurisprudence1.5
HIST 1511Histology/Embryology6.5
ICMD 1511Introduction to Clinical Medicine I3
ICMD 1522Introduction to Clinical Medicine II2
ICMD 1533Introduction to Clinical Medicine III2.3
MICR 1531Immunology3
NEUR 1531Neuroscience6.5
OMED 1511Osteopathic Medicine I2.5
OMED 1522Osteopathic Medicine II2.5
OMED 1533Osteopathic Medicine III2.5
PHYS 1521Physiology I5.5
PHYS 1532Physiology II5.5
PSYC 1511Introduction to Human Behavior I1
PSYC 1522Introduction to Human Behavior II1
PSYC 1533Introduction to Human Behavior III1
ELEC Mandatory Elective(s)


Second Year
CLMD 1631Introduction to Radiology1
CLMD 1632Cumulative Review3
CLMD 1700Introduction to Clerkship2
CMED 1613Patient Care Experience I1
CMED 1624Patient Care Experience II1
ICMD 1614Introduction to Clinical Medicine IV4.5
ICMD 1625Introduction to Clinical Medicine V4.5
ICMD 1630Introduction to Clinical Medicine VI3
MICR 1611Microbiology10
OMED 1614Osteopathic Medicine IV2.5
OMED 1625Osteopathic Medicine V2.5
OMED 1636Osteopathic Medicine VI2.5
PATH 1611Pathology I6
PATH 1622Pathology II6
PATH 1633Pathology III5
PHAR 1611Pharmacology11
PSYC 1634Psychopathology1
ELEC Mandatory Elective(s)

Third Year

*Total weeks includes orientation and a holiday break/vacation.

Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters (*54 weeks)
CARD 1701Core Cardiology Rotation6
CLMD 1701Osteopathic Clinical Medicine - Third Year Didactics5.5
FMED 1701Family Medicine Core Rotation I6
FMED 1702Family Medicine Core Rotation II6
FMED 1703Primary Care Rotation6
IMED 1701General Internal Medicine Core Rotation I6
IMED 1702General Internal Medicine Core Rotation II6
OBGY 1701Obstetrics/Gynecology Core Rotation6
PEDI 1701Pediatric Core Rotation6
PSYC 1701Psychiatry Core Rotation6
RURL 1701Rural/Underserved Medicine6
SURG 1701General Surgery Core Rotation6

Fourth Year

*Four (4) weeks of (not for credit) elective time may be scheduled as a rotation, vacation, interview, study time, or be used as additional "for credit" elective rotations.

** Total fourth year credits take into account that students choose between IMED 1804-A or IMED 1804-B. Total credit for either course is 6.

Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters (*40 weeks)
CLMD 1801Osteopathic Clinical Medicine - Fourth Year Didactics - A1.2
CLMD 1802Osteopathic Clinical Medicine - Fourth Year Didactics - B1.2
ELEC 1801Elective Rotations36
EMED 1801Emergency Medicine Core Rotation6
IMED 1803Subspecialty Internal Medicine Core Rotation6
IMED 1804-ACritical Care Core Rotation6
IMED 1804-BSurgical Intensive Care Unit Core Rotation (alt. choice to IMED 1804-A)6
SURG 1802Subspecialty Surgery Core Rotation6