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Preclinical Promotions Committee

Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine

The Preclinical Promotions Committee is charged with maintaining standards of excellence in the academic preclinical courses. At a minimum, it meets after the conclusion of each academic quarter to assess the academic status of students with an academic failure, an incomplete, or an in progress grade. The committee assesses the progress of each student at the end of the academic year. Students who attain satisfactory academic and professional progress are promoted to the next academic year, provided all tuition and fees have been paid. Students who accumulate 3 or more failures in an academic year, students with 2 or more failures in a single academic quarter, and students in the extended-study program (ESP) who accumulate 1 or more failures in an academic year are required to meet with the Preclinical Promotions Committee. Students not in an extended study program who have1 failure have the option to meet with the committee, but are not required to meet. Notification of the date, time, and place of the committee meeting is sent to the student by priority e-mail to their official MWU e-mail account, or by telephone, at least 48 hours in advance. Decisions of the committee are confidentially e-mailed to the affected student's official MWU e-mail account. The right to appeal a decision for dismissal or deceleration exists and is described elsewhere in this catalog. Appeals must be filed in writing with the Dean of AZCOM within three working days following official notification of the committee decision.