College of Health Sciences

Glendale, AZ Campus


Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine

First Professional Year

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:58.5
First Professional Year
ANAT 1511Gross Anatomy10
BIOC  1511 Biochemistry I7
BIOC  1522 Biochemistry II4
COREG 1560Interprofessional Healthcare0.5
COREG 1570Interprofessional Healthcare0.5
COREG 1580Interprofessional Healthcare0.5
FMED  1531 Clinical Ethics/Medical Jurisprudence1.5
HIST 1511Histology/Embryology6.5
MICR  1531 Immunology3
NEUR  1531 Neuroscience6.5
PHYS  1521 Physiology I5.5
PHYS  1532 Physiology II5.5
PMED 1512Podiatric Medicine I1.5
PMED 1521Biomechanics of Lower Extremity Function I3
PMED 1531Podiatric Surgery3

Second Professional Year

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:73.5
Second Professional Year
MICR 1611Microbiology10
PASS  1569 Physical Diagnosis4
PATH  1611 Pathology I6
PHAR 1611Pharmacology11
PMEDG 1618Podiatric Basic Skills Practicum2
PATHG 1622Pathology II6
PATHG 1633Pathology III5
PMED 1641Podiatric Medicine II3.5
PMED 1643Lower Extremity Anatomy6.5
PMED 1644Medical Imaging2
PMED 1651Biomechanics of Lower Extremity Function II3.5
PMED 1662General Medicine I3
PMED 1663Podiatric Pathomechanics3.5
PMED 1672General Medicine II3
PMED 1675Pediatric Orthopedics3
PMED  1678 Behavioral Medicine1.5

Third Professional Year

ACLS/BLS is a mandatory, non-credit, 2-day session taught in the fall quarter prior to the start of third year rotations.

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:55
Summer Quarter
PMED 1722Advanced Podiatric Surgery 2
PMED 1724Orientation to the Operating Room & Anesthesia1.5
PMED 1732General Medicine III3
PMED  1734 Practice Management2
PMED 1773Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation2.5
PMED 1774General Orthopedics and Disorders of Bone2.5
Fall Quarter
PMED 1723Emergency Medicine and Trauma3
PMED 1741Podiatric Dermatology2.5
PMED 1742Research, Community Health and Evidence Based Medicine2
PMED 1751Applied Clinical Biomechanics2
Winter/Spring Quarters
PMED 1725Clinical Correlates in Podiatric Biomechanics1
PMED 1726Clinical Correlates in Podiatric Medicine 1
Rotations (Integrated October through May)
PMEDG 1701Podiatric Medicine CORE A, B, C, D (4 rotations, 4 weeks each, 4 credits each rotation)16
PPRAG 1433Introduction to Specialty Pharmacy1.5
PMED  1706 Outpatient Medicine4
 Medical Specialty (may choose one month rotation from the list below)4
PMED 1710Dermatology
PMED 1711Rheumatology
PMED 1714Endocrinology
PMED 1715Neurology
 Required Elective - May choose either one 4-week or two 2-week rotations. from the list below4
PMEDG 1705Podiatric Office (4 weeks)
PMEDG 1707Vascular Medicine (2 weeks)
PMEDG 1708Pedorthics, Bracing & Prosthetics (2 weeks)
PMEDG 1712Physical Therapy (2 weeks)
PMEDG 1713Wound Care (2 weeks)
PMEDG 1716Orthotic Fabrication (2 weeks)
PMEDG 1733Clerkship A, B (4 weeks each)Each clerkship 4
PMEDG 1735Research
PMEDG 1740International (2 weeks)

Fourth Professional Year

Each student may take up to four weeks of vacation time.

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:40
Summer/Fall/Winter Quarters
Rotations (Integrated June through May)
PMED 1801Podiatric Medicine CORE (2 rotations, 4 weeks each, 4 credits each rotation)8
PMED 1802Emergency Medicine/Trauma4
PMED  1803 Surgery4
PMED  1804 Inpatient Medicine4
PMED 1805Clinical Clerkships (5 rotations, 4 weeks each, 4 credits each rotation)20
 PMED 1805A Clinical Clerkship
 PMED 1805B Clinical Clerkship
 PMED 1805C Clinical Clerkship
 PMED 1805D Clinical Clerkship
 PMED 1805E Clinical Clerkship
PMED 1808Optional Rotation (4 weeks)(4)