College of Health Sciences

Glendale, AZ Campus

First Year Curriculum

Master of Biomedical Sciences Degree Program

Sample curriculum, course credits, and sequencing. Not all electives are offered every year.

MWU/CHS Biomedical Sciences Program reserves the right to alter its curriculum however and whenever it deems appropriate.

First year elective courses are also available to second year students.

Fall Quarter

Total Minimum Quarter Credit Hours Required12
Core Requirements
ANATG 504Human Anatomy with Laboratory4
BMMSG 510Research Topics and Methods2
BMMSG 519Laboratory Rotation1.5
BMMAG 550Biochemistry3
BMMAG 554Molecular Cell Biology3
PHYSG 1572Human Physiology I4
Elective Course Options
BMMSG 805Medical Terminology2
BMMSG 808Learning Styles and Assessment1
BMMSG 821Emerging Infectious Diseases1
BMMSG 845Oncology3
BMMSG 871Medicinal Chemistry I1.5

Winter Quarter

Total Minimum Quarter Credit Hours Required12
Core Requirements
BMMSG 505Journal Club1
BMMSG 512Research Literature Review2
BMMSG 524Immunology2
BMMSG 525Microbiology I2
BMMSG 574Pharmacology I3
BMMSG 580Laboratory Research1
HISTG 503Histology2
PHYSG 1583Human Physiology II4
Elective Course Options
BIOCG 851Nutritional Biochemistry3
BMMAG 516Introduction to Medical Ethics2
BMMSG 830Topics in Cardiovascular Sciences3
BMMAG 834Embryology3
BMMAG 870Drug Literature Evaluation1.5
BMMAG 872Medicinal Chemistry II1.5
BMMSG 876Pharmacognosy2
BMMSG 878Drugs of Addiction2

Spring Quarter

Total Minimum Quarter Credit Hours Required12
Core Requirements
BMMSG 506Journal Club1
BMMSG 515Research Protocol2
BMMSG 526Microbiology II4
BMMSG 541Genetics3
BMMAG 575Pharmacology II4
BMMSG 581Laboratory Research1-5
Elective Course Options
BMMSG 801Health Career Planning2
BMMAG 828Public Health and Epidemiology3
BMMSG 863Neuroscience3
BMMSG 865Pathophysiology2
BMMSG 873Medicinal Chemistry III1.5
PSCIG 1308Dangerous Plants and Animals1.5