College of Health Sciences

Glendale, AZ Campus


Clinical Psychology Program

The MWU/CHS Clinical Psychology Program reserves the right to alter its curriculum, however and whenever it deems appropriate.

Total graduate required credit hours: 222.5

First Year

Total Credits First Year Required:
Fall Quarter
CORE 1560Interdisciplinary Healthcare0.5
PSYC 1501Professional Issues and Ethics3
PSYC  1502 Life Span Development I3
PSYC 1508Fundamentals of APA Style1
PSYC  1515 Tests and Measurements I3
PSYC  1560 Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behavior3
PSYC  1572 Psychopathology: Anxiety-Based and Personality Disorders3
Winter Quarter
CORE 1570Interdisciplinary Healthcare0.5
PSYC  1503 Life Span Development II3
PSYC 1509Fundamentals of Graduate Level Writing1
PSYC 1516Tests and Measurements II2
PSYC  1524 Intelligence Testing I3
PSYC 1525Intelligence Testing II2
PSYC 1570Psychopathology: Child and Adolescent3
PSYC 1582Clerkship I1
Spring Quarter
CORE 1580Interdisciplinary Healthcare0.5
PSYC  1514 Research Methods and Design3
PSYC  1526 Personality Assessment I3
PSYC  1550 Biological Bases of Behavior3
PSYC  1565 Professional Writing1
PSYC  1573 Psychopathology: Psychotic and Mood Disorders3
PSYC 1583Clerkship II1
Summer Quarter
PSYC  1510 Statistics3
PSYC 1520Clinical Appraisal and Interviewing3
PSYC  1527 Personality Assessment II: Projective Techniques3
PSYC  1530 Introduction to Psychotherapy3
PSYC 1584Clerkship III1

Second Year

Total credits Year 1 + Year 2: 115.5
Awarding of Master of Arts Degree

Total Credit Second Year Required:
Fall Quarter
PSYC 1620Advanced Assessment3
PSYC 1631Cognitive Theories & Approaches to Psychotherapy3
PSYC 1639Integrated Behavioral Healthcare3
PSYC 1682Practicum I3
PSYC 1683Practicum Seminar I1
Winter Quarter
PSYC 1601Advanced Professional Development and Ethics2
PSYC 1632Psychodynamic Approaches to Psychotherapy3
PSYC 1635Marriage and Family Counseling and Therapy3
PSYC  1654 Social and Cultural Bases of Behavior3
PSYC 1684Practicum II3
PSYC 1685Practicum Seminar II1
Spring Quarter
PSYC  1610 Diversity in Clinical Psychology3
PSYC 1636Behavioral Therapy3
PSYC 1650Psychopharmacology3
PSYC 1680Research Seminar2
PSYC 1686Practicum III3
PSYC 1687Practicum Seminar III1
Summer Quarter
PSYC 1640Introduction to Neuropsychology3
PSYC 1649Group Therapy3
PSYC  1655 History and Systems3
PSYC 1688Practicum IV3
PSYC 1689Practicum Seminar IV1

Third Year

Total Credits Third Year Required:
Fall Quarter
PSYC 1711Advanced Statistics3
PSYC 1730Advanced Psychotherapy Practice3
PSYC 1771Advanced Psychopathology2
PSYC 1782Advanced Practicum I3
PSYC 1783Advanced Practicum Seminar I1
Winter Quarter
PSYC 1708Mental Health Law3
PSYC 1739Issues in Substance Abuse3
PSYC 1751Advanced Integrated Behavioral Healthcare1
PSYC 1780Dissertation Development1
PSYC 1784Advanced Practicum II3
PSYC 1785Advanced Practicum Seminar II1
Spring Quarter
PSYC  1732 Supervision and Consultation Models & Practice3
PSYC 1781Dissertation Seminar1
PSYC 1786Advanced Practicum III3
PSYC 1787Advanced Practicum Seminar III1
Summer Quarter
PSYC 1788Advanced Practicum IV3
PSYC 1789Advanced Practicum Seminar IV1
PSYC 1799Dissertation9

Fourth Year

Total credits Years 1,2,3 and 4: 222.5
Award Psy.D. degree

Total Credits Fourth Year Required:
PSYC 1800Internship50

Students must complete a minimum of 12 hours of elective credit in the MWU/CHS Clinical Psychology Program. Elective course offerings may include the following:

PSYC 1709Forensic Psychology3
PSYC 1715Animal Assisted Psychotherapy3
PSYC 1716Introduction to Neuropsychological Assessment3
PSYC  1721 Human Sexuality3
PSYC  1735 Practice Management Issues3
PSYC 1748Bullying and Interpersonal Violence3
PSYC  1749 Psychological Management of Chronic Pain3
PSYC  1750 Stress Management, Relaxation and Hypnotherapy Techniques3
PSYC 1752Treatment of Traumatic Stress3
PSYC  1753Humanistic and Experiential Theory and Therapy3
PSYC 1775, 1776, 1777Advanced Independent Study1-3 credits each course
PSYC 1778Directed Readings in Clinical Psychology3