College of Health Sciences

Glendale, AZ Campus

Curriculum (Class of 2017)

Physical Therapy Program

The first academic year of the revised curriculum for the class of 2017 is four-quarters consisting of 60.5 required course credits (quarter hours). The second academic year of the curriculum is four-quarters consisting of 58 required course credits, including 480 clock-hours of clinical education. The third academic year of the curriculum is four-quarters consisting of 52 required course credits which includes two clinical experiences for a total of 960 clock-hours of clinical education. Certification by the American  Heart Association in Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Providers is required prior to any participation in clinical education/clinical observation. Clinical experiences take place in various facilities located throughout the continental United States that have a legal agreement with the University.

The MWU/CHS Physical Therapy Program reserves the right to alter its curriculum however and whenever it deems appropriate.

Total Quarter Credits in the Professional Program: 170.5

First Professional Year: Applicable to Class of 2017

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:60.5
Summer Quarter
PTHE 1504Foundations of Rehabilitation5
PTHE 1511Health Professionalism and Educational Principles3
ANAT 1551Human Anatomy and Embryology (with Gross Anatomy Lab)7
Fall Quarter
PTHE 1519Musculoskeletal Pathology3
PTHE 1574Physical Therapy Evaluation3
PTHE 1580Kinesiology/Biomechanics I4
PHYS  1571 Human Physiology I4
CORE 1560Interdisciplinary Healthcare0.5
Winter Quarter
PTHE 1541Neuromuscular Rehabilitation I6
PTHE 1581Kinesiology/Biomechanics II4
PTHE 1592Acute Care Rehabilitation4
CORE 1570Interdisciplinary Healthcare0.5
Spring Quarter
PTHE 1531Evidence-Based Practice I3
PTHE 1540Biopsychosocial Issues3
PTHE 1542Neuromuscular Rehabilitation II5
PTHE 1561Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation I5
CORE 1580Interdisciplinary Healthcare0.5

Second Professional Year: Applicable to Class of 2017

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:58-59
Summer Quarter
PTHE 1606Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation5
PTHE 1610Clinical Competency Assessment I3
PTHE 1636Physical Agents4
PTHE 1661Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation II5
Fall Quarter
PTHE 1631Evidence-Based Practice II1
PTHE 1698Full Time Clinical Experience12
Winter Quarter
PTHE 1632Clinical Conditions and Differential Screening4
PTHE 1642Pediatric Rehabilitation4
PTHE 1652Physical Therapy Roles and Professional Issues4
PHYS  1582 Human Physiology II4
Spring Quarter
PTHE 1649Management & Reimbursement in Health Care Systems3
PTHE 1655Advanced Educational Principles for Physical Therapists2
PTHE 1672Integumentary Rehabilitation3
PTHE 1682Geriatric Rehabilitation4
PTHE 1301Research Elective I1

Third Professional Year: Applicable to Class of 2017

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:52-53
Summer Quarter
PTHE 1710Clinical Competency Assessment II3
PTHE 1725Health Promotion and Wellness in Physical Therapy3
PTHE 1761Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation III4
PTHE 1778Administration in Health Care Systems3
Fall Quarter
PTHE 1704Clinical Decision Making in Complex Cases3
PTHE 1743Neuromuscular Rehabilitation III5
PTHE 1751Physical Therapy Management of Special Populations2
PTHE 1757Prosthetics/Orthotics3
Winter Quarter
PTHE 1731Evidence-Based Practice III1
PTHE 1796Clinical Internship 112
Spring Quarter
PTHE 1732Evidence-Based Practice IV1
PTHE 1797Clinical Internship 212
PTHE 1302Research Elective II1